Thursday, 7 January 2010

Todays sewing session

Now I'm not sure I can keep up this posting every day, but at the moment I need to just to make me keep to my New Years Resolution.

Here is todays offering. A little drawstring bag.
I've been wanting to learn how to make one of these for weeks now, but you know me; it has to be a nice drawstring bag.
I didn't want any raw edges showing. (Well if a jobs worth doing...)

This one is lined. See what I mean about it being nice.
After a little searching about on the interwebthingy I settled on this tutorial from
Happy Things.

See how dinky it is.
Yes I'm very pleased, just need to alter the size now and have a play around.
Yesterday I said I'd show you what had almost kept my fingers out of the choccy tin over Christmas. Well here it is..

It's a small lap quilt kit from Bucilla. I've had it years and years stuffed in a box in the loft, so I decided this year I really ought to have a go at completing it. I don't think you can see from the photo but I've hand quilted around the red circle and around the snowman's scarves. I also did around the banner at the bottom. Then I turned the backing at the edges and hand stitched it all down. To finish off I stitched a tube of fabric on the back so that it can be used as a wall hanging if desired.
Did you notice the mini me in the bottom left hand corner?

As the quilt was a kit, it had printed instructions on the fabric along with this little mini picture of the quilt. Now I couldn't let that go to waste could I? So I scrabbled all the scrap fabric left over from the quilt and made it into quilted pot holder.

This is the back. I patchworked fabric as there wasn't enough left over of either to fit. Do you know I'm more chuffed with this little pot holder than I am with the big quilt!

Bedtime now. I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow, it's been along week. Hopefully child #2's school bus will be able to get through the snow; she's had a very long Christmas holiday this year!

Till next time
Fi x


Jennifer said...

Cute bag, love the fabric. Great job on keeping your resolutions. Stay warm.

Unknown said...

Great job. Keep it up. You will be fine, it doe get easier after you get in the groove.

Love that bag.

Sandy said...

I like your drawstring bag and mini quilt! Love snowmen!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

GerryART said...

I'm going to have to sew one of these bags. Thanks for the link.
I did my sewing time today in that I cut some practice squares for my free-motion sessions.
I'm looking forward to keeping this commitment.
I, too, am attempting to blog daily - - - or at least more often.

Diane said...

You are doing so well!! Where do you buy your fabric from? Its so lovely.

Rubyred said...

Such lovely makes! Drawstring bags are so useful too!
Rachel x

Marigold Jam said...

Lovely little bag and that fabric is to die for. I decided to do as you do and to stitch or craft for 20 minuts each day beginning yesterday and I did actually manage to get a small piece of crazy patchwork put together so I now have to embellish it and voila! Thanks for the idea.


Lululiz said...

Clever you, the pot holder is great!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Goodness me... what busy creative fingers you have... absolutely beautiful...
x Alex

Anonymous said...

It's Narnia too on the other side of the Pennines.

Loving the sewing.

I'm full of a cold at the moment and doing mindless knitting, an Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl, a plain one.

Your cat pattern might make me break out a crochet hook when I'm feeling better and the brain is working. It's so lovely.

MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Celadon2,
Tried to leave comments twice on your blog but they seemed to just vanish so I'll post it here incase you pop by.

Wow! Fantastic photo. I can see the little groove where our Dale is and it certainly is WHITE!

Hope you're soon feeling better, I'm glad you like the kitty pattern. Louisa at the Felted House has just made one and posted pictures. Here's the link if you fancy a peek.

Keep warm, love Fi x

Carol said...

Happy new year Fi, I hope all your dreams come true.
I love the bag.
Carol x

Serenata said...

You've got me inspired, I'm going to have to join you, with one proviso, either sewing or another craft each day.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Busy girl, Fi! Lots of lovely things and only 8 days into the new year!

Well done!
Sue x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Did you say you found instructions for that cute little bag> I always have difficulty with making draw string bags so that they are neat and tidy and they draw string, if you see what I mean. Keep warm in the snowy weather.

Miss Holly said...

what a wonderfull way to start the year! i love everything about your site. everytime i visit i am inspired! you have got the touch!!