Monday 22 September 2014

Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage.

 Hello my lovelies! Say hello to Mr Hare. 
Now say goodbye, we won't be seeing him again as he has hopped off to a loving new home. 
 He was one of a handful of pieces that came with me to the Festival of Arts and Heritage in Staithes just over a week ago.

 What a fabulous event! For one whole weekend about 80 artists turned kitchens, front rooms, garages and even bedrooms into pop up galleries in the pretty little fishing village of Staithes. There were pop up cafes too along with music, film shows, demonstrations, walks, talks and all manner of entertainment. Here's a very tiny taste as I only had time for a quick speed walk around before it got busy on Saturday morning!

 This was our little gallery for the weekend in a pretty little cottage on the High Street.
 We had lots of lovely visitors, the whole place had a lovely atmosphere.
 One of our visitors owns this charming little place...
 The Tea Shop in Staithes...
They also now own my little felted picture too! Delightful!
I just like to say thank you to every one who visited us over the weekend. Wonderful Man and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to you all. I'd had such a lovely time and my work received so many compliments that I had a little happy cry on Sunday... I just couldn't help myself. Thank you to everyone who made our weekend so special. 
Oh and the Hare in Poppies... he's hopped off to new home too!

I shall look forward to seeing you all at Yarndale this weekend, if I remember correctly I shall be on stand 26 looking a tad frazzled and a bit frayed around the edges (it's been a very busy year) but very happy to see you all and chatter about all things 'felty'.

Don't forget to bring lots of pocket money ;)
See you at the weekend
love Fi x