Thursday 17 May 2012

Ta-daa! The Forge

 Here it is, all finished...I think.
 This was my starting point, a pretty little cottage called The Forge, presumably because it used to be...a forge. 
 I'm quite liking the straggly, frayey bits of thread. I'm not going to trim them, I don't want the finish to be too neat.
 My favourite part is the green railings which I had to wait almost till the end of the piece to do. You can actually see them better in the first photo, before I added the last two hanging baskets.
 After the railings, it has to be the little bits of stonework.
 I just need to find some way of getting prints made of it now. I need to start taking my work more seriously and making it work for me. But where to start, having prints made, that's a whole new ball game! I still haven't done anything with The Old Sweet Shop. I'm a bit of a control freak so not being able to take control of the printing bit makes me put it off altogether. V naughty.
Hmmm...maybe it just needs a couple more stitches here and there. 
Thank you for stopping by and any tips on how to go about getting good quality prints made would be more than welcome.
love Fi x

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Back in the swing of things.

 I've had a day and a half of 'good' sewing. HOORAY!
I'm looking forward to showing you the finished picture. 
Off to cook tea now though.
see ya!

Monday 14 May 2012

A good old yarn.

 Hello Ladies. I knew that would get your attention, lol. 
Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous? This is my latest yarn purchase. A total necessity. I just couldn't leave the shop without it.
 It's so soft too. Er...not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it at the moment but it just had to come home with me, and we didn't travel far as we now have our own little yarn venue here in our little village, but more about that in a minute.
 This is my latest venture, ZIGZAG! It's so easy and soooo utterly addictive. I've been very good though and I'm using up my left over Stylecraft yarns that I just love for crochet, especially Stylecraft Life which has 25% wool in it. It won't break the bank but you're still getting a nice quality yarn.
 Luckily for me though, if I do need a little bit more yarn I can pop into the a fore mentioned yarn shop, Past and Presents where I enjoy a lovely relaxing couple of hours on a Friday evening at Jenny's Knit and Natter group.
 Lots of nattering goes on, much tea drinking and cake eating takes place. (Cakes courtesy of the very talented Lindsay) These in particular had special gooey centres.
 And the odd row of knitting here and a round of crochet there!
 Just had to share these scrummy little balls of cotton yarn with you too, they look so pretty in the little basket I made for them from garden twine.
I hand wound these myself for all the ladies who attended my first ever crochet class.( I was taught how to do it by the very talented Anne at Ash Creativity) It was a bit nerve wracking but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and all went home with at least one little crochet flower.
I've been assured much practising has been going on so next time we will be attempting a granny square or two! Fingers lets hope they've all got past that problem now, lol. 
Thank you for the Blighty Brooch love. 
till next time.
love Fi x

Thursday 10 May 2012

A Love for Old Blighty part 2

 Hi all, I hope you're not going to be disappointed with today's big reveal. This commission wasn't a large scale thing you know, lol. Well not physically anyway.

 It's was for one of my heart brooches, from a lovely lady many miles away.
The brief was right up my street, a love for England, the Union Jack, cottages, the White Cliffs of Dover, bluebells and most importantly the RAF.
And although I couldn't fit the White Cliffs of Dover on, lol. I think I've given it the right 'feel'. It definitely says, a nostalgic love for GB.
Gosh! I hope the lady in question thinks so!

Fi x

Wednesday 9 May 2012

A Love for Old Blighty.

The RAF eagle has landed!
Well nearly.
My latest commission is underway.