Sunday 29 March 2009

Black Beauty


It's a beautiful day here in the Dales today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, although it is still very cold. We're going out to our first car boot sale of the year this afternoon. Might have to wear my wellies as it's taking place in the middle of a field. Yes it's very civilised around here, an afternoon boot sale, none of this getting up at the crack of dawn for us!
Wonderful Man and I have been out and about a lot this week, almost every day. 
I had a lovely morning on Thursday, the high light of my week! I met up with Lucy of Attic24 at her Thursday Knit and Knatter session. I had a chatty, hooky, friendly, scrummy couple of hours with people I've never met before, but immediately felt comfortable and at ease with them. It was a bit like being wrapped in a cosy soft granny blanket.
Lucy is just as you would expect from her blog, absolutely lovely, sharing her hooky skills and spreading zingy crochet wooliness all over the table. I'm afraid I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to take any photos but you can see some pics here on Lucy's blog, including the little crochet house I made her. I must just say thank you for all the lovely comment that were left on Lucy's blog. I was overwhelmed. Thank you. x
The photos above are inside a teeny, tiny wool shop in Kendal. I'm glad I don't have to stock take! Can you imagine! I does look rather fabulous though doesn't it?
Well I've waffled long enough and I'm expecting #1 and #2 any moment wanting bacon sandwiches. I just have time to share my latest charity shop purchase with you, as promised.
It's very heavy.

And very pretty.
I'm not sure if it works yet.
It needs some TLC, but it is rather splendid. Well I think so.
Sneaky dog just can't see what all the fuss is about!
After all, She's black, pretty, heavy and second hand!

Wednesday 25 March 2009


Hello All.
The world has just been going a little too fast for me lately, not to mention someone has been stealing time; not just minutes but whole hours seem to keep going missing. It's dissolving away; running through my fingers without me being able to keep track of it!
Never mind, I'm here now so lets get down to business.
You have all left me some very interesting comments. I've loved reading every one single one of them. Actually I've read all of them several times.
The common theme amongst them all though is 'time' and the lack of it. Well I can't argue there can I! But as I often say to my mum; 'When you peg it, will people remember you for all the lovely embroideries you could have done, or will they remember that you always had your ironing done by a Tuesday?'
Well I think we all know the answer to that one don't we? So leave the ironing, just fold it up and put it away; I promise you they'll never notice! Get that special project going, learn that new skill, life is for living not ironing!

Right, that's the lecture from me over for today.

I'm afraid there was no one around to help me do the prize draw today, only sneaky dog and she can't be trusted! (She's very shifty!)

Gosh! It's exciting isn't it?

Karen would like to knit a pair of socks. Well from the sound of it I think Karen would be happy to knit a single sock never mind a pair! She has all the wool, the patterns and the needles, but she keeps chickening out and stuffing it all back in the cupboard! Tut, tut. Naughty Karen. Come on, you can do it girl. We're all rooting for you here, get those needles out and cast on tonight! I expect you to have the rib done before your prize arrives in the post.

And here is your prize. Sat amongst my sewing chaos, waiting for his new home.
Don't forget to email me with your contact details Karen. I'm at
While I'm here I'd just like to say thankyou to you all for taking the time to enter and for all your lovely comments. Also, welcome to Beadywitch and Ruth who are new to Blog Land, come on in girls, the kettle is on and lid is off the biscuit tin!
Time to go now, I've got an exciting day tomorrow, I'm meeting Lucy from Attic24 for a coffee, a chat and some hooking. Not sure it'll all happen in that order though!
Oh! nearly forgot... I'll share my latest charity shop find with you next time. It's old and black and rather heavy (as Wonderful Man will testify, as he carried it all the way to the car!)
So get those 'one day' projects started ladies, I'll be checking up on you!
Love Fi x

Monday 16 March 2009

Blogiversary and 100 posts means a GIVE AWAY!

Helloooooo to all my lovely blogger friends out there. It's lovely to be with you all today, because today is my 100th post! Yes it is...Really!
Not only is it my 100th post but its also my blogiversary this week! One whole year of sharing snippets of my life and snippets of your lives!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being a part of this wonderful corner of my life, because without all of you popping by and leaving comments... well, it would be a bit one sided wouldn't it?
So according to blog tradition there MUST be a GIVEAWAY! Yeay!
But before I tell you what the gift is... if you would like to enter my giveaway, I would like you to leave me a comment telling me what craft project you one day hope to make; whether it be a scrap book for the family, a patchwork quilt or, to knit a pair of socks! You know what I mean, a project that sits at the back of your mind, saying 'One day...'
Well here's mine.

Yes, it is what you think it is. A CROCHET CHRISTMAS TREE! Aren't they fantastic! I just love them. I want one sooooo badly.

I really, really, really want one of these, 6 feet tall in the corner of my lounge this Christmas. In case you were wondering these are courtesy of the Free People web site. (I secretly wish I was 20 years younger so I could go and work with them, teehee!)
Every one who leaves a comment will be entered into the giveaway, which will be open until Saturday so that I can hopefully have time on Sunday (mothers day) to draw a winner and post the results online.
Don't forget to make sure I can contact you in some way if you win.
OH, the prize...
Well it's got to be a bunny hasn't it! The embroidery will be different to this photo. 
Thought I'd pop a 'behind the scenes' at the photo shoot pic in. Yes, it's all glamour here you know.
Thank you for the last year or maybe I should say our first year. It's been a blast! Cant wait to read your comments!
Here's to sharing many more!
Love Fi x

Thursday 5 March 2009

Lucy planted the seed!

Hello, hello, hello!
I must just say a big thank you for the great comments you all took the time to leave. They're really helpful. Crafting can be a very solitary most of the time, so its great to have someone there to ask, 'Hey, pink or blue? Good or bad? which looks best?'
Do you know what I mean? Anyway-thank you x

Would you believe this is my 99th post! Nope, me neither but it is. You know what that means don't you?

It means the next post will be a giveaway post! Hoooray! (Now I didn't say when the next post would be. It might be in 6 months time to give myself chance to get organised with a prize! ONLY JOKING! ha, ha)

Now onto something completely different... which is what I'm good at; doing something completely different to what I should really be doing!

I was blog hopping and saw the lovely little crochet flowers that Hen has been making. Hen got the pattern from Lucy and although I've not really felt the need to make crochet flowers, I popped over to Attic24 to take a look. Well one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had a little flower. This one above.
But then I thought...hmmm, what would happen if I changed a htr for a dc and this was the result. Almost the same but a subtle little point to the petals.
Then I thought...hmmm, what would happen if I changed a htr for a tr and a dc, which then gave me a flower with a slightly squarer petal.
Then I thought...hmmm, what would happen if I crocheted into the front of the previous row of stitches only, and this happened. It caused the petals to curl inwards.
Here it is side on so you can see it curling upwards.
Then I thought... OOO! Lets change colours. Looks a bit like a little Primula or am I thinking of an Auricular?

Then I thought... what would happen if I crocheted into the back of the stitch on the previous row. If you look carefully you can see a little circular edge around the centre.
Then I remembered what I should really be doing!

Best sign off now and go and get on with it!

Bye x

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Ears and Tails.

I hope you are well?
We are all well here at MarmaladeRose. Child #2 finally left for the school exchange trip to Slovenia at the weekend. You remember, the one that was cancelled back in February because of all the snow. Well the only way they could rearrange the visit was to travel all the way on coach. 27 hours on a coach with 32 children, not my idea of fun! We've had a couple of text messages so far and all is well. Lots of skiing and walking is planned so lets hope there is snow in Slovenia. I'm missing #2. She's always cheerful and chatty, giggling at the least little thing; she's very easy going and extremely good company. She's also just started to take an interest in mum's crafty bits. #2 has decided she might like to design trainers when she's older, so I was in there like a shot, encouraging her to start decorating an old pair of trainers with sequins and fabric.
And I'd like to think, I might actually have her hooked!
I've really enjoyed having her sitting in the attic with me, gluing and sticking while I've been sewing.
Talking of sewing... would you like to see what I've been doing?
Thought you might! tee hee! I love having a look at other peoples craft projects too. I would like some feed back on these please if you have the time.
I've been trying to design a new bunny. Something a little simpler than the button jointed ones. I'm obviously unable to make anything simple, I like to add a bit more or just alter a bit to make it look more realistic - making the job three times longer! But hey ho, that's just me.
Here are my prototype bunnies. Yes about 5 of them. I think I've decided on the shape now. What do you think?
Which shape you like best?

I like the shape of these two best. Sorry they are laid down. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Which ears do you like?

You see I can't be happy with the first simple painted ears, oh no, I have to then have a go at stitched fabric ones! I told you I can never make anything simple! Which do you like?

The base is hand embroidered by yours truly to give the impression of the bunny standing in a meadow or a patch of flowers.

The usual little love heart on the bobtail.

This is the embroidery on the natural coloured linen. I really enjoy hand embroidery. Do you like the natural colour?

In case you were wondering,I haven't stopped making the button jointed bunnies. I've made another 9!

Some of these are destined for a lovely lady who contacted me and asked if she could sell them through her mail order company! Well as you can imagine I was extremely flattered and very excited. So very shortly half a dozen of these little bunnies will be carefully packaged up and sent off on a new adventure.

Talking of new adventures... I've just volunteered to teach primary school children how to knit at our local village school. I have a meeting with the Head on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed. If any of you have any suggestions for very simple items that can be knitted by children, I'd be happy to hear them!

Right I better go now as #1 will be home any minute baying for food!

Hoping to maybe have a celebration giveaway shortly as I'm nearly at my 100th post. See you all soon.

Love, Fi x