Tuesday 26 November 2013

Market Day

Here am look pensive. Will they come? Will they like what they see? Will they want to buy anything? Will the day be success?
Wonderful Man and I set up our table at the Designer Makers Market at Richmond Station at the weekend. We stacked and sorted, we piled up and priced.
 One of us also did a lot of pinning (thank you Wonderful Man) and then we held our breath.
 But there was nothing to worry about. 
 There were plenty of customers!
The Station is a lovely venue, it has a really nice feel to it.
 And there was some wonderful foody smells wafting around all day.
 There were also some interesting things going on outside.
Something for everyone! Although I think you'd have trouble slipping one of these into a Christmas stocking!

Thursday 7 November 2013

Making bunnies for market day.

 Hello all. It's been a while since I made bunnies but I have a craft fair in a couple of weeks and I often get asked for these beautiful bunnies so I thought I'd be a good girl and get cracking. 
 I really should be making felt as I have 4 commissions to do but I'm just not in the mood. That sounds awful doesn't it but I know they won't turn out right if I not in the right mood to do them. Let cross our fingers and hope the mood returns...very soon!
 Now bunnies...that's a different kettle of fish so to speak. Bunnies are pretty much just following my pattern although I have been tweaking their ears. Not in a nasty way you understand, I would never hurt a bunny but I must admit their ears are very fiddle-some. 'There must be an easier way!' I said to myself. 
 So after experimenting on 4 sets of bunny ears I think I've come up with a better way of doing it, I just need to alter my patten pieces and have a couple more goes to see if my plan works. 
 So you can be assured there will be more bunnies in the pipeline or should I say in the basket. These four are awaiting their heart embroidered tails.
And here they all are finished and posing nicely for their photographs to be taken ready for my Etsy shop.

OO! Nearly forgot to tell you. I now have a Marmaladerose Facebook page here for anyone who prefers fb!

Till next time
love Fi x