Wednesday 26 September 2012

Cosy Crochet and a Giveaway.

 Hello my lovelies, today we are celebrating my 300th post! Who'd have thought it, eh!
So today there will be a little giveaway but more of that later. First and quite timely I think, some snugly, cosy crochet. Just what we all need after the dreadful weather we've been having. 

Although today the weather seems to be trying to redeem itself. I love this little glimpse between the houses of the fells. Anyhow back to cosy, crochet.
 Two almost identical blankets. Have you spotted the difference? The one on the right has some bullion crochet centers, see the little swirly bits.
All these squares were crocheted by my Dad. He then passed them on to me and I wove in all the tail ends and crocheted them together. (All the bits he doesn't like doing.) But since he is now retired and likes something to keep his hands busy when he can't get out in the garden.  These two are the right size for a buggy, pram, car seat or just a small persons snuggle on the sofa.
Right, now for my little giveaway to celebrate my 300th blog post. I must admit it nearly sneaked by me, I almost missed it.
 So I put on my very worn thinking cap and decided a pair of lacy fingerless mitts might be appropriate to see you through the autumn.
 And something to keep your teapot cosy too. A 30' style patchwork tea cosy.
 And a small selection of vintage Pearsall's stranded rayon threads to keep those toasty fingers busy.
And just because I thought they were pretty, some teeny tiny crochet flowers for you to do with as you wish. I always leave long tail ends so that they can be used for attaching the flowers to your chosen project.
All you have to do to be entered into the draw is leave a comment telling me what you might use these teeny crochet flowers for. 
The giveaway is open to all.
You have until I say it's closed. (Power crazed, that's me, lol)
Please note the blankets are not included in the giveaway.

Good Luck
Love Fi x

Monday 17 September 2012

A Cottage by the Sea.

 I'm back! 
Ooo we had a lovely, lovely week away, just Wonderful Man and I to celebrate his big birthday. It felt so special to relax and just enjoy being together.
This is Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland. Just a 30 minute stroll from our front door.   Bliss! Every morning we watched the National Trust lady park her car and start her long walk to work. Lovely in fine weather but I'm not sure I'd want to do it in the wind and rain! 
 And about 3 minutes in the opposite direction the pretty little harbour of Craster.
 Our little cottage was the last one on the far right of the picture. Yes for the hawk eyed among you, Lucy of Attic24 stayed in the very same place a week or two before us. 

 We were sooo lucky with the weather and every morning we were greeted by the most breathtaking view from the bedroom window, although I must admit, we didn't see the sun rise every day!
And there on our doorstep...
rock pools...everywhere.
Mind you, as beautiful as they were, I was glad we didn't have a young family with us as I wouldn't  have relaxed for a moment, I'd have been constantly watching to make sure they didn't fall on the rocks!
We enjoyed big skies...
and beautiful beaches.
And visited a different castle almost every day. 
This one is Bamburgh Castle.
Where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of dressed crab, yummy!
There was a little something for him (Barter Books at Alnwick)... 
 and a little itty bitty...
something for me. Mrs Pins Habedashery.

Aaaah good times. I must admit I didn't want to leave.
And just in case you were wondering...
I did manage a little knitting. I finished the fronts and the back of a long cardigan!

Till next time when we will be celebrating my 300th post with a little giveaway.
Fi x

Gilly K.   If you would like to email me, I'd do my best to point you in the right direction.

Virginia.  The gift box is the only box I know how to make and I copied it from a little box the children brought home from school many years ago. Next time I make one I'll try and make a tutorial for everyone.
Toothbrush Rug Instructions. These can be found on Youtube, have fun.

Wednesday 5 September 2012


Hello my lovelies. 
This is getting to be a bit of a bad habit, not blogging regularly enough and then having to have a catchy-uppy post and squish too many things in! Ah well, never mind, one day I'll find the culprit who keeps stealing days from me. 
Above is my beautiful crochet scarf that I finished a long time ago, but never blogged about. It is now being turned into a kind of shawly-tabbardy-thingy to wear when I'm chilly and just need that extra bit of warmth around my back. All will be explained when I actually get it completed and photograph it properly.

Next is something completely new! This is my version of a 'toothbrush rug'. So called because years ago toothbrushes had a hole in the handle which meant you could snap off the brush head, round off the end and use it as a large needle to make the rug, hey-ho a toothbrush rug! Unfortunately toothbrush manufacturers seem to have overlooked this important aspect of toothbrush design and now only make bulky, rubbery, ergonomically designed brushes, absolutely no good for rug making. What were they thinking! 

 So, much head scratching, and wearing of thinking caps ensued and after a quick rummage through THE DRAWER. You know the one! The one in the kitchen with all the odd keys, broken knobs, lifeless batteries and general crap. I came across a little plastic craft knife. Doing my best impression of Fagin finding a bulging wallet, I checked over my shoulder and around the kitchen door to make sure I'd not been seen, then as quick as a flash I snaffled the little knife up and whisked it away! Ha! It was mine! I snapped the blade off, rounded off the end with my emery board and heated the end of a metal meat skewer in a candle to melt an 'eye' in my new 'needle'. Voila!
And I must say rather smugly, it works a treat.
So one, 'past-it' single duvet cover, a small curtain and a piece of sheeting later I have a rug the size of a small bath mat. Reversible and washable and really quite addictive. It may grow a bit larger...I need to have another look in the linen cupboard ;)  

 Aaaaw... so cute! This is my 3rd pair of baby booties, can't resist em. These are a commission for a lovely friend.

 But they just needed something to make the gift extra special, so out came the paper and the scissors...
snip, snip and a beautiful gift box was made. Just a perfect size!
 Lastly and just in case I don't have enough to keep me occupied next week when I'm away on holiday, my lovely dad, arrived not only with this scrummy basket of granny squares he has made...for me to crochet together! But he has also made me a Swift for winding hanks of wool. What a total superstar he is. Thank you Dad. x
Argh, I need all those stolen days back and more. lol.
I'm away next week with Wonderful Man celebrating his special birthday in a pretty little cottage over looking the sea. Just him and me. Bliss! I think I've packed more craft projects than clothes! 

till next time
love Fi x