Sunday 31 October 2010

Sunday 10 October 2010

The Story of a Bag or Four.

Hello you shiny people.
Here are the two bags I've just finished making with the last of that pretty green and pink check fabric that I had in my stash.
I originally bought it to make myself a short straight skirt to wear with woolly tights and boots many moons ago when I was much thinner, my children a lot younger and sewing time much more elusive!
Here is the back view.
Obviously sewing time was TOO elusive back then and the skirt never got made!
The fabric stayed folded in the box, cupboard, drawer, wardrobe, all of its various homes over the years, only occasionally taken out to be stroked and caressed and then carefully replaced again.
But now it's been given it's day!
Matched up with pretty lining fabrics, appliqued and decorated and made into four pretty and unique MarmaladeRose handbags.
And I have enjoyed making them! Each on slightly different.

The first two were snaffled by a couple of lovely friends a few months ago. That's such a lovely warm feeling to realise that other people actually like what you make, that someone else 'gets' your style, your love of fabric and colour! That someone else appreciates the care, love and time that went into making it. But best of all that someone else is hopefully going to love it and get the pleasure of seeing it every day.

This is the third.
This is the cherry on the cake! Someone like it enough from a blog picture to want one before they had even seen the real thing, they desired my work enough to wait for their very own bag to arrive without even knowing what the lining would be like or how it would feel in their hands!

and the last one...
well, I couldn't part with all of that lovely fabric after cossetting it for all those years could I?
Now feeling a little embarrassed and hoping you don't think I'm completely bonkers over a piece of fabric. lol
love Fi x

Tuesday 5 October 2010

I Heart You Lots!

Another week has flown by and it's time again to share some wholesome hearty crafting with you lovely people.

Look a 'Thank You' heart!
How appropriate that this should be the first one, as that is exactly what I'd like to say to you all.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you take the time to leave on my blog.
I think you must all be super-human, I struggle like mad to find enough time to visit all the wonderful blogs out there that are on my favourites list, (it is a very, very long list though!)never mind stop and leave a comment.
Yes you are all simply super-duper and you really do put me to shame.

I am full of good intentions though, I promise.
I do try to drop in on you all and stop for a chat...
I need a lesson or two in better time management I think.

So here I am telling you all in my own little way, how much I 'heart' our little bloggy community.

These hearts are quite large, about 20cms across and full of lavender and wheat. So they could be gently warmed in the microwave if desired.

Or they could just be hung up to look pretty and be admired!

And to finish a sneaky peek at another bag hot off the sewing machine!
Till next time
love fi x