Saturday 25 April 2009

Crochet Kitten Pattern

I knitted this kitty from this pattern but then decided I'd like to try and crochet one. The pattern below is made by me. It's the first pattern I've ever made. It's much simpler that it looks. Honestly! My crochet pattern is free for you to make but remains the intellectual property of Fiona Gill and is for personal use. Please do not copy this pattern or sell this pattern or kitties made from it unless they are for charity and then...make hundreds!

I've used 4ply cotton yarn and a 3mm crochet hook and UK crochet terms.
For anyone in the USA(double crochet, dc. in the UK is equivelent to a single crochet, sc in US terms.)

ch 25.
Row1 - dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc to end. (24sts).
Row2 - ch1, dc to end.
Continue in dc for a further 32 rows (34 rows in all). Fasten off leaving a tail for sewing up.

ch 16.
Row1 - dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc to end.
Row2 - ch1, dc to end (15sts)
Continue in dc for a further 7 rows.
Row10 - dc2tog at each end of row (13sts) (you're decreasing one stitch at each end of the row)
Row11 - dc2tog at each end of row (11sts)
Row12 - dc2tog at each end of row (9sts)
Row13 - dc2tog at each end of row (7sts)
Row14 - dc2 in first st, dc to end of row dc2 in last st.(you're increasing one stitch at each end of the row)
Row15 - dc2 in first st, dc to end of row dc2 in last st.(11sts)
Row16 - dc2 in first st, dc to end of row dc2 in last st.(13sts)
Row17 - dc2 in first st, dc to end of row dc2 in last st.(15sts)
Continue in dc for a further 9 rows. Fasten off leaving a tail for sewing up.

On the left is the body, on the right is the head.

Fold the body piece like this and stitch up the legs leaving about an inch open at his tummy for stuffing.

Fold the head piece in half and stitch up the sides. Stuff and stitch closed the top. Stitch across corners to create ears.

In 2nd ch from hook, dc 6.
Continue to dc these 6sts in a spiral until tail measures about 1inch.
dc twice into next st, continue crocheting in a spiral until tail is desired length (2inches) Fasten off leaving a sewing length.

In these pictures you can see the little tubey tail.

Stitch your tail on your kitty and you're done.
I embroidered a face using a strand of black wool.
I hope you like it.
love Fi x

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Muker to Keld (armchair walk)

Hello all.
Thank you for all your lovely comments about my crochet blanket. I am really pleased with it, in fact I'm sure it will pop up many more times in the background of my blog photos. It makes me smile every time I see it not to mention the loving little caresses I give it as I pass. (bonkers eh?)
To all of you who say you are hoarding wool to start your own granny. Hooray, get started now, you don't need all that much yarn. My blanket only took 800g of inexpensive acrylic/wool mix, that's just 8 x 100g balls. ( I purchased about 3 times as much thinking it would take shed loads of wool) So it looks like I'll have to start another one!
I've just ran downstairs to put some washing out and on my way back took this photo looking through the banister at my beloved blanket. (so sad)
Right if you are all ready we'll go for a walk as promised. Its quite a long one but at the end I'll give you a sneaky peek at whats on my sewing table at the moment!
Muket to Keld in Swaledale and back over the Buttertubs Pass.

We're heading to the hill in the centre of the picture and then we'll go left.

Love these mossy rocks.

Our first view of Keld.

After a quick cuppa and sarnie we detour through the campsite to view a waterfall.

Then back on our circular route to...

another waterfall.

climbing gently upwards.
We'll be heading back down this valley.

We'll follow the river.
taking in another waterfall (behind the trees)
Looking backwards at where we've been.

A breather and a paddle.

Muker is in sight

Isn't this wall of flowers beautiful, this wall inspired my Swaledale Wall Hanging
coming out the other side of Muker
back to the car, even sneaky dog looks tired.
driving over the Buttertubs Pass

there is a sheer drop on the left, hence the barrier.

Did you enjoy that? Not too tired I hope?

Here is my very untidy sewing table. You might be able to spy two little kittens on the table (not real ones!) One is knitted, but the other is crocheted and is made from my very own pattern, (inspired by the knitted one, which is not my pattern.) which I'm looking forward to sharing with you if you would like it.

So get those crochet hooks ready for next time.
Love Fi x

Monday 13 April 2009

Granny Square Overload.


I've finally finished my very first granny square crochet blanket.

So prepare yourselves for a granny square overdose!

Do you remember I started this back in November last year?

And I must say on the whole it's been very enjoyable.

I've crocheted in the garden

I've crocheted in hospital (when child #1 broke his arm!)

I've even crocheted in the pub!

There are six colours and the smaller squares have every colour combination possible.

I wanted it to look a bit Cath Kidstonish, but not as pale as hers. (Don't' want it in the wash all the time!)

It's just the right size for a nap on the sofa...zzz

I made a plain but neat edge around the finished blanket with double crochet in fern green and then to frame it all, bright red!

Aaaah! You must be all crocheted out by now.

Just wondered if you'd come across this brand new crochet magazine yet?

It says it's the UKs only dedicated crochet magazine.

The only thing I think I'd have a go at, is this flower scarf. Maybe the next issue will be better.

Next time I'll take you on a sunny walk from Muker to Keld in Swaledale. Quite breathtaking!

Bye for now. Love Fi x