Saturday 27 November 2010

Bags of Folksy Goodness

Hiya! Brrrr... its been a bit chilly up here in the Dale and this morning it finally did what it's been threatening to do... yep we awoke to a couple of inches of snow. But we don't want to talk about snow when there are pretties to chat about do we!

Here's my latest offering.
A new MarmaladeRose handbag.
With all the usual bits and bobs, ribbons, buttons, flowery stuff.

Plenty of raw edge free motion applique and
pretty fabrics, some happily recycled.

Scrummy Liberty lining and the practical key ring attached by ribbon so you can always find your keys.

But what's this? Another pretty bag lining and key thingy!

Another MarmaladeRose label!
Lots of gorgeous gross grain ribbon.

And more machine embroidery! Sparkly multicoloured thread this time!

Yes it's another handbag, but something a little different for me I think you'll agree.
Not my usual colour choice but this vintage (is it vintage if its a good 30 years old? Surely it must be!) needle cord was so pretty and really quite a practical choice for a handbag.
But do you know what the most exciting bit is?'s not the snow.
Try again.
I've finally...after being registered for months and months...
very own
(dance a little wiggle)
Check out that shiny new badge at the top of my sidebar!
(No, really! Check out that badge. It took me a good 30 minutes to find out how to put that up there! pah!)
Well you know what this means don't you girls?
I'm certainly going to have to 'up' my 20 minutes a day if I'm going to keep it fresh and interesting!

and that also means I'm going to have to get my act together and blog more frequently too!
Well, we crafty girls do like to share our makes don't we?
So hopefully there'll be steam coming from my sewing machine and smoke coming from my keyboard!
Let's hope you can keep up, teehee!
love Folksy Fi x

Sunday 21 November 2010

Your Help Please!

Now ladies I need your help please.
I desperately need some lovely big red shiny beads just like the ones above.
What do you think girls? Where can I buy some big cherry beads about 13mm in diameter? The ones in the picture were a lucky find in a charity shop.
I look forward to your comments, I know you won't let me down.
There'll be no more cupcakes with out them!
Till next time
love fi x
PS Thanks for all the Maisy love.

Monday 15 November 2010

Maisy Pickles

Good morning all.
Today I'd like to introduce you to Maisy Pickles.
Psssst...Maisy.....turn around and sit down!

As I said this is Maisy Pickles.
My original inspiration for Maisy came from two little girls often seen on another bloggers page, called Molly and Daisy. Hence the name Maisy (a mix of the two). I hasten to add Maisy looks nothing like these two scrummy little girls but is the end result after much sketching and stitching and the creative process. She is the result of everything percolating through me! lol.

She has a mass of unruly curls, very Wuthering Heights don't you think? (there is possibly a good reason for this but we'll come to that later)

She has a delicate embroidered face.
I didn't want her to look too babyish, she's not a 'babydoll'.

As you can see from the size of my hand, she is quite dainty and is about 13inches tall. Her pretty robe is a little bit shabby and worn around the edges just as a well love rag doll should be! It's made from vintage embroidered linen tray cloth that had seen better days.

Underneath she is wearing a pure silk shift recycled from a pretty blouse. It fastens at the back with...

a little pearly button. I really enjoyed hand stitching the tiny button loop.
So that's Maisy Pickes, I hope you like her.
Oh, the Wuthering Heights connection... well we've had a film crew here in the Hills this Autumn filming a new version for the big screen!
They used a restaurant in our village as a base to audition locals as extras and have been filming in an old derelict building near Thwaite in Swaledale. The camera crew stayed in a house opposite us and were out and about by about 7am every morning. I believe one of the leading ladies is the very pretty actress Kaya Scodelario (Effy Stonem in Channel 4's Skins) She had a picture of a nearby waterfall on her twitter page and comments that although it's breathtakingly beautiful in North Yorkshire, its absolutely freezing up here!
Well she's not wrong! lol.
till next time
love fi x

Monday 8 November 2010

A bit of bunting to cheer us up.

Hello my lovelies. I'm sitting here at my sewing table today listening to the rain on the roof. We've had rather a lot of rain here in the hills over the last couple of days. Child #2 was sent home early from school on Thursday because the roads were flooding. The school bus had to make a detour around one village as the road was completely flooded at the bridge. Today is not quite as wet, we just have snow instead. Yep that's right snow already, that was a bit of a shock I can tell you! I opened the curtains this morning to see a white hill in front of me!

These pics where taken last Friday when the weather was behaving itself rather nicely.

The water at the bottom of the picture is the river and water above is the field where the river shouldn't be!

We can see the damage done by the water here on the right. It's washed over the path and moved huge stones and left lots of twigs and branches in the fields.

Not that sneaky dog noticed, she was far to busy checking out rabbit holes along the riverbank!
Anyway that's enough about the weather, lets move back indoors where its cosy and take a look at something cheerful.

Yes you can't beat a bit of bunting to cheer you up.

Especially colourful crochet bunting!

There was a lot of up-and-downing on chairs for these pics I can tell you. lol.

That's it for today, just a short one.
Oh,...did you notice my little friend laid on my sewing table at the top of the post?
That's Maisy Pickles, I'll introduce you properly next time.
Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my Kirstie post, your soooo very kind and supportive. What would I do with out you : )
love fi x

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Imagine my delight! I'm on Kirsties homepage!

Hello my lovelies. I just have to share my this wonderful moment with you. I was just having a click about online as you do when your putting off actually doing some work; when I popped over to take a look a Channels 4's, Kirsties Homemade Home website.
Nothing particularly wonderful in that, I hear you cry...

but take a closer look to the right of Kirsties chin dear friends. The third and fourth picture on the 'Rate My Homemade Crafts User Gallery' are MY little crocheted house and MY granny blanket!

Then scroll a little further down the page on the right and there again,

MY crochet granny blanket! Yahooooo! Skippety skip!
Ah, my heart leaped for joy.
That really cheered me up especially as my spirits were a bit low this morning...

We've had to have a our beautiful old wooden beam removed from the fire place in the lounge and most of the plaster with it :(
What a mess!
Never mind, every cloud and all that...

love, a very much cheered up fi x