Sunday 28 July 2013

Happy Holidays

Hello all, I'm back from my special anniversary holiday and very special it was too!
 The weather was hot, hot, hot! It was like being abroad but better because we were in beautiful old Blighty. I won't bore you with all of my holiday snaps, there are quite a few. 
I'll just give you the 'essence' of holiday.
 Enjoying pink thatched cottages on the seafront.
 Lots of sunbathing and sand.
 Quirky little shops. (A Touch of Vintage)

 Such friendly and inspirational people. (Nicola Kathrens)
 Pretty buildings.
 Wonderful food.
 Absolutely delish! Curtesy of
The Town Mill Bakery
 A castle.
 beautiful clear sea.
 Little fishing boats.
 Stunning coastline.
 Beautiful beaches
and famous scenery. Do you recognise it.
Lyme Regis of course.

And to Wonderful Man.
Thank you for the last 25 years hun. Bring on the next 25!

Next time more scenery but of the woolly kind.

Love Fi x

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Hexy Lovin hmmm!

Hmmm...what can I say, I'm just a little in love. 
The words crochet, granny and hexy's can only mean one thing...lots of yummyness.
 It started like this. Just a few crochet circles in juicy colours.
 Which soon and rather pleasurably multiplied. It's just a shame stitching in the 294 ends isn't quite as pleasurable. 
 I kind of designed this as I went along, crocheting a bit and frogging a bit to see what worked best. This technique was employed to it's utmost with the handles.
 I added a plain edging to keep any stretch to a minimum and just to finish them off neatly.
 I didn't want to just stitch the handles on, I wanted to do something a little bit different, lets call it a design feature. lol. Mind you... don't ask me what I did, I was just winging it at the time but it seemed to work out okay! I suppose that's what being creative is all about.
 I actually intended this bag for me. 
 So I totally indulged myself with the a beautiful lining fabric.
 I looks a bit Cath Kidston-ish. I even put a zip pocket in, my first ever YIPPETY-DO!
Unfortunately, needs must and all that, so my new 'baby' is sitting in the MarmaladeRose Etsy shop waiting for someone to love it as much as I do. sniff, sniff.

Oh well maybe I'll start another one for me while I'm away on holiday. Yes the H word! Excitement! 
There hasn't been the H word around here for quite a few years.
But Wonderful Man and I are having a little holiday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary so if I don't manage to slip another post in before we go away you know why. 

Till next time
love Fi x