Tuesday 17 July 2012

Felt Flower Brooches and a Secret Felt Wall Hanging.

 Hi, are you ready for a bit of wet felt overload today, lol. I can finally show you this felt wall hanging I made for my friends 40th birthday. 
 And some felted brooches that I've been selling in my local art gallery. OO! nearly forgot to mention some very exciting news, do you remember my 'Meadow' felt wall hanging that I posted about recently? Well a couple of weeks ago a lovely lady bought it to hang in her lounge. Oh the delicious warm feeling that a total (but lovely) stranger has fallen in love with something that I've made and likes it enough to want to gaze upon it every day! Priceless!
 Anyway back to wispy felt flower brooches.
 These peacocky coloured ones are something new for me, I hardly ever work in blues, I'm very much a pink girl.
 They take an absolute age to make (well it feels that way) each individual petal has to worked between my fingers until it's felted.
 But it's worth it in the end.
 They seem very popular at the gallery.
 Now to the 'secret' felt wall hanging.
 I made this for my lovely friends 40th birthday. 
 Lots of curly wurly wool tops on this one, and some sparkly sequins to make it shimmer as the light catches it.
 It's not too large... after all, she may not actually like it. She may decide to hanging it in the loo. You've got to think of these things, lol.
 Well it's time to go now so I shall leave you with a sneaky peek of my current felty offering. Here's a pic of me grappling with it on the kitchen table. It's waaay bigger than my bamboo blind can cope with, I'm on the look out for a 3 or 4 foot wide one. 
Right, back to the sewing machine. 
Thanks for dropping by. 
love Fi x

Monday 16 July 2012

Sunshine Tonic from Me to You. x

 Hello my lovelies. I hope you're still with me? It has been a little while since we met up last but there has been oodles of felting and stitching going on over the past couple of weeks that I want to share with you. I actually prepared a post full of felty goodness but then stumbled across a file full of glorious sunshiny meadows that made me feel so good that I thought I'd share them with you in the hopes of lifting your spirits on another dismal rainy day. 
So lets go for stroll in the sunshine. 

 Through the meadows.
 Down by the river. Sneaky dog always in front.

 Our own little local 'beach', I could'nt resist snapping these sandcastle, probably the last thing you would expect to see soooo far inland. We later found out that our friends had spent the previous evening here, drinking wine (the grown ups) and building sandcastles ( their little person)

 Across on the opposite side of the riverbank are little woolly danglers snatched from their owners as they brushed past.
 Left behind by these lovely ladies.
 A little bit of welcome shade.

 You've heard of the 3 billy goats gruff, lol. WM quickly renamed Sneaky Dog, 'the troll'.
 Time to start heading back.

 Goodbye river.
 So long, meadows.
Back to our little stone boxes. I hope that cheered you as much as it did me. 
There is 'secret felting' to share with you next time and a sneaky peek of my largest piece to date. I'm off to start embroidering it now. 
So till next time.
love Fi x