Tuesday 27 August 2013

Mr Fox getting closer!

 Mr Fox!
 Peering down at us through the flower border. He can smell us.
As usual, wet felted wool, machine embroidered and finished with a little hand embroidery.
Mr Fox will be accompanying me to Yarndale next month before being released for sale.

Love Fi x

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my Field Mouse felt on the previous post. I feel like I'm climbing a creative mountain and each one of your comments is a gentle hand helping me upwards.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Field Mouse Ta-daa!

All finished! Well my part is anyway. I've teased, tweaked and trimmed. 
Sprinkled, rubbed and rolled.
Rinsed, stretched and dried.
 Stabbed, tufted and stitched.
 Nearly forgot, I've dyed too!
 Now it just needs framing! I think that'll have to wait until after Yarndale, I can't risk it not being ready in time. 
I don't think anyone will mind seeing it in the raw.
Do you?
Now then...what's next?