Monday 18 April 2011

Emergency Crocheting.

This weekend has mostly been taken up with animal husbandry. That sounds very grand doesn't it? In other word...trying to keep the chickens from escaping! Yes those little Houdinis have been doing their best to get into the back garden and scrabble about in our beds and borders.

There has been much fence building and gate making, not by me you understand. No I just did some over viewing and picture taking. All on your behalf you understand, I'd much rather have been knocking fence posts in but someone has to record everything for posterity and blog posting. Here are the girls looking a bit miffed. You see they'd discovered that the wire meshing on the gate had larger holes than the rest of the fence and with a little hop and a wiggle they could pop through quite easily. Cheeky little chickens! They cleverly noticed this on the day that Wonderful Man was at work 120 miles away, but no panic I sprang into action with my trusty crochet hook and a ball of garden twine! HA! That put pay to their little game! I crocheted across their little escape route and stopped them in their tracks!
Hope you're feeling better soon Mum. x

Till next time

love Fi x

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Just a little catch up.

I was going to say the weather has been lovely here in the hills recently and it has but we've also had some extremely heavy rain! Any how on this particular day the weather was pleasant enough for me to do a spot of gardening with the mean help of the 'girls'.

From left to right we have Margery, Cluck, Lady Gaga, Fudge and Pepper. Paxo it just out of shot on the right. How they're not headless or missing a leg I don't know! They practically sit on the spade as you dig, waiting for the best worms!

Now some pretties for you. Lets zoom in a bit...
Mothers day gifts from my lovely family. A new Cath mug and a gorgeous big batter bowl! A whole 5 litres worth of batter bowl! It's from M&S before you ask, lol.

And not forgetting a huge thank you to you all for the lovely comments you left on my last post. I really appreciate your encouragement. I always read every single comment and I know I'm pants at finding time to reply to you all so I'm sending you all a big hug and super cheesy grin!

Love you all.

Fi x