Sunday 27 April 2014

The Designer Maker Market

 Hello all. I thought I'd take you along to the Designer Maker Market in Barnard Castle. Fancy it? Good lets go.
 It was an early start on Good Friday morning but a beautiful one. We've set off from home and are heading to Barnard Castle in County Durham.
 Onwards to the A66 and ...
about an hour later we are entering Barnard Castle.
 Isn't this wonderful? This is the work of a very lovely lady called Leanne Owen who creates fabric taxidermy trophy heads. You can see more of her work here. Everything at the Market has been designed and made by the people selling it. A proper craft fair and we'll be back at The Witham, Barnard Castle to do it all again in November.
 The lovely ladies from Edie Pebble were my delightful neighbours for the two days. They make the most beautiful girly bits and bobs a real feast for the eyes.
There was Berkano Wood  with some interesting and very useful boxes.
 More wood but a very different kind from Margaret Garrard.
 Gorgeous glass from Suzanne Tweddle.
 Some very interesting and unusual paper and botanical items from Branching Out.
Millinery (I love that word) from Kayotique designs. I secretly wanted to try every hat on!
 The most delightful applique and free machine stitched artwork from Stitching for the Soul
There were many more wonderful artisans but unfortunately my photography skills were rather lacking on the day and the pictures didn't turn out very well, so apologies to those I've missed. It was a wonderful two days. Everyone was so friendly and chatty. 
And last but not own little stall. 
The hare picture hopped off to a loving new home on the day and the daisy and field mouse pictures have since gone too but I'll show you some close ups of them next time.  
Well the journey home was just as beautiful as the one going. A big thank you goes out to my Wonderful Man for buying a new car with a huge boot to fit all my craft fair stuff in and for being my right hand man all day. I couldn't do it without him.
We'll be doing it all again in November but I don't think the journey photos will be quite as nice then...just cold and dark! lol.
Till next time
Love Fi x

Thursday 10 April 2014

Designer Makers Market.

 I've been busy for the last few weeks getting ready for the Designer Makers Market at Barnard Castle, County Durham. It takes place on 18th and 19th of this month, next Friday and Saturday in fact.
 I've been making beautiful felt flower brooches and little hand embroidered felt garden brooches.
 I always think I can make more things than I really have time for, lol. Along with several commissions and galleries asking for work, I'm struggling to keep up but I'm loving it. I loving seeing just what I can produce if I knuckle down, as I do have a tendency to procrastinate and float along if I don't have a goal or a target...And this year I have LOTS of targets.

So if you're in the area please pop along to The Witham and say hello. I'd love to see you there and I can promise you won't be disappointed, it will be full of creative souls selling their hand crafted designs.
Right, it's back to the felting table for me. I have something special on that table that needs finishing off.

Till next time
love Fi x

Wednesday 2 April 2014

In all it's glory!

Here it is finished. 
Can you find the field mouse?
This is my completed commission piece, which is now parcelled up and on it's way to Connecticut, USA. It will be joining two more of my felt works, 'Wily Old Hare' and 'Robin Redbreast'.
Starting from the left, lets take a closer look. Lots of leaves, flowers and twiddly bits.
3 Bumble bees were requested.
And a little mouse hidden somewhere in the picture for grandchildren to find.
There is lots of free motion machine embroidery and some hand embroidered French knots.
Couldn't resist another close up. I love him.
The whole piece is made from wet felted wool and then embellished with embroidery. It measures approximately 34 inches wide by 23 inches high.
I must admit, I was quite sad to see this one go.

Till next time
love Fi x
Edited to add; For Liniecat and Virginia... This piece is completely wet felted. I used a single felting needle to add details to the bee's and the mouse only :)  As you can imagine it's not easy to get something that size and thickness under a domestic sewing machine without catching the odd piece. But everything on the design is there, and felted before it goes anywhere near any machinery. x