Monday 23 December 2013

A Crafters Christmas Tree, teehee!

 It's been a bit rushed...if you don't count the four years it's been a project in waiting! lol. But 2013 has finally been it's year. 
What is it? 
Well it's woolly, and it's round. It's tall and it's green. And it won't be to everyone's taste but it suites me down to the ground.

It has sparkly bits,
and big woolly pompoms.
It's my crafters Christmas Tree.
The family have been surprisingly complimentary about it, but then I suppose even a crochet Christmas tree is better than no tree at all. It still needs a few more pompoms but it'll be a lot easier to pack away than the usual type.
I cannibalised a small lampshade for the top so that I could pop it over our standard lamp base as I didn't want to hang it from the ceiling. When I take it off after Christmas it should collapse down nice a flat. Bish-bosh done!

Merry Christmas
love Fi x

Edited to add: I can't take any credit for the idea, it came from a picture I saw on the Internet. You can see the original picture of a much more magnificent crochet tree on my Pinterest board - Yarny Goodness.

Friday 20 December 2013

Foxy Fowler II

Hello or maybe it's time I said Merry Christmas! 
 Tis mighty dark and stormy here in the hills tonight. The tops of the fells have a dusting of snow...brrr.

Sneaky dog is curled up on the sofa next to me and I'm trying to resist my 3rd mincepie of the day.

 So... Let me introduce you to Foxy Fowler made with love and fluff.

 He's been designed for the lovely Rowena, to remind her of her Nan and a childhood memory of 'Foxy Fowler' a moth eaten fur stole! I'm sure you'd love the story but it's not my tale to tell unfortunately.

 He's not only a felted wool 'painting', I snipped and sewed him into a unique shoulder bag too. Lovely long handles as requested.

 And Autumnal shapes and colours.

Hmm I think he's spotted something interesting...

Maybe it's my Christmas cake, unwrapped for it's final 'feed' before the festivities!

Merry Christmas 
I look forward to seeing you all for a look back at 2013.

love Fi x

Thursday 5 December 2013

Violets and Pansies

 Hello my lovelies, I'm playing catch up with my posts again. I'm having trouble keeping up with life at the moment. It's travelling way too fast for me!
 This piece of felt (shown here at the start of the felting process) was a commission for the lovely Alison. She requested a small bag with a flap and a long strap to go across the body. And the theme was violets, pansies and anemones.
 So that's what I made her! 
 I have to admit I was stumped for a long time. 
Inspiration eventually came while out in the car one weekend. We passed a couple hill walking (not unusual here in the hills) and the lady was wearing a purple fleece and the gent was wearing bright blue trousers and there swinging back and forth between the two of them was a bright green plastic carrier bag (probably had their butties in it.) Any way that was all I needed, PING! 
Thank you Alison for being so patient with me and giving me room to wait for the creativity to flow.
 I think it was worth it.
Till next time
love Fi x