Monday, 23 December 2013

A Crafters Christmas Tree, teehee!

 It's been a bit rushed...if you don't count the four years it's been a project in waiting! lol. But 2013 has finally been it's year. 
What is it? 
Well it's woolly, and it's round. It's tall and it's green. And it won't be to everyone's taste but it suites me down to the ground.

It has sparkly bits,
and big woolly pompoms.
It's my crafters Christmas Tree.
The family have been surprisingly complimentary about it, but then I suppose even a crochet Christmas tree is better than no tree at all. It still needs a few more pompoms but it'll be a lot easier to pack away than the usual type.
I cannibalised a small lampshade for the top so that I could pop it over our standard lamp base as I didn't want to hang it from the ceiling. When I take it off after Christmas it should collapse down nice a flat. Bish-bosh done!

Merry Christmas
love Fi x

Edited to add: I can't take any credit for the idea, it came from a picture I saw on the Internet. You can see the original picture of a much more magnificent crochet tree on my Pinterest board - Yarny Goodness.


RedSetter said...

How wonderful and what a brilliant idea your crafters Christmas Tree is, and very unique as I have not seen one like this before. How great to add a new decoration each year to represent a new skill or technique learnt that year. Clever you!

busybusybeejay said...

I love it!Very original.Have a great Xmas.Barbarax

primrosesattic said...

A lovely crafters Xmas tree. I would be over the top and completely cover it with pom poms. But that,s me I think the more the better. It,s completely one of a kind and I love it.
Have a great time with your family over this festive time.

Threads through my life said...

Love it Rose. It has given me an idea. I do not have room for a Christmas tree and do not really fancy one but I do have a redundant garden metal obelisk..... So I am thinking of a slip over cover with crocheted, felted, etc ornaments. Will keep you posted.

Jacqui Galloway said...

Teehee! x

French Nanny said...



ZootyOwl said...

Very clever - I love it! So many possibilities! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Carol said...

This is fabulous. I've also done a crafter's tree!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
Carol xx

crazydazy said...

I just love your original and creative

Anonymous said...

Yours is an original mind with masses of creativity! I love your tree and I thought, at first, that it was macrame - remember that?

kiwikid said...

Beautiful tree!
Happy Christmas!

sajuki said...

Great !
Greetings from Poland :)

Betty said...

It's different! I bet nobody else has one! Just catching up on your blog - Happy New Year, Betty