Saturday 26 January 2013

Goodbye Gilbert, from snow to sunshine.

 Goodbye journey my little cheeky chap.
 My little felted gnome has been cut up, stitched up and wrapped up...  
and is now on his way to Australia.

I wonder what he'll see at the other end of his journey? I guess it won't be snow though!

Fi x

Friday 18 January 2013

Woolly Toadstool and a Wink

Well I thought I was on the mend but apparently not...but we won't dwell on it, I'll just apologise for my absence, I'm feeling much more myself now so we're back to normal bloggy service...hopefully. As you can see above Gilbert the Gnome has now been machine embroidered and finished with a little hand embroidery. 
 I enjoyed creating this little toadstool.

 I'm just waiting for a delivery of red spotty lining fabric to make Gilbert into a bag for Hilary. I may be waiting a bit longer than usual as there is a lot of snow about here in the hills.

Somebody else who seems to be a bit under the weather...Cluck. Poor old girl. Wonderful Man brought her in from the cold today to see if we can perk her up a bit. We've left her next to the radiator in the kitchen huddled down in a bundle looking very sorry for herself. 
Fingers crossed she'll soon be feeling better.
I hope you are all keeping cosy and taking care in the ice.

love Fi x