Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Cat and the Comet Ta-Daa!

A beautiful summer meadow on a warm heady evening. The stars are twinkling and the grasses are dancing in the breeze but can you spot the cat and the comet?

 My brief was for vibrant flowers, sparkly stars, a comet and a cat partially hidden. 

As you can see the only place I could find that was light enough and large enough to photograph this 6 foot long wall hanging, was outside on the garden gate. 

A close up of the cat, looking up at the comet.

And starting at the left hand side...
 to the middle...
and finishing on the right.
 And now just some gratuitous texture shots!

The whole piece is made from wet felted Merino wool and then embellished with free motion machine embroidery and finished with a little hand embroidery. 
Hopefully next time I might be able to show you it hanging in its new home!

Till then
Love Fi x