Wednesday 30 March 2016

Celebrating Spring!

Oh the excitement! 
Lighter nights! Bank holidays! The occasional patch of blue sky! 
I'm totally looking forward to summertime...My focus at the moment seems to be flowers! This is one of my latest felted wool pictures...I'm really enjoying creating the flowers. 
Yes it's all about the blooms at the moment.
Quite stylised. 
Blousy petals. Bobbly stamens. Bobbing heads. 
Hmmm...I can almost smell the sweet new grass and floral scents. 
...and back in reality...I'm wearing two pairs of socks, leg warmers...a huge cardi and looking out of the window at the snow on the hilltops! 

Till next time
Love Fi x

Saturday 19 March 2016

Spring at Last!

I'm finally coming out of hibernation.
I think Spring is at last here in the North of England.
I know this because I've sat outside in the garden with a cup of tea...twice...YEAY! 
Yes... I did have my furry boots on and a woolly scarf but it wasn't wet and it wasn't windy...RESULT!
Yes... I can still see snow on the hill tops but if I squint it disappears.
I'm soooo ready for some blue skies, sunshine, green shoots and flowers. 

Definitely flowers! 
I'm craving flowers. 
The only flowers I can see are woolly and made by me... but needs must.
Till next time
Fi x