Thursday 19 February 2009

Birthday Sleep-overs and Blogger blind dates

Today I've had a lovely day.

We had a birthday.

And we gave gifts.

There will be a sleep over with the obligatory sofa picnic whilst watching Mama Mia.

Today I also received gifts.

Today I met a real live blogger for the first time. I met Alchamillamolly and what a lovely day I had! We met in a car park - very blind date-ish. I was wearing a peach scarf and she was wearing a silver Renault Clio. (it worked for us) We had lunch in a pretty tea shop and then back to my place. And then we talked and talked and talked. We talked that much I didn't realise 5 hours had passed! We talked that much I only got time to put the kettle on twice! (must fit more tea in next time) We put the world to rights, smoothed out some blogging problems, ironed out new bunny design faults admired Lucy Blooms Lillipegs and shared our family lives.
How lucky am I? Thank you Catherine I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Thursday 12 February 2009

Bunny Re-homeing

A heartfelt thank you to all you lovely ladies, for your supportive comments, kind enquiries and requests to re-home my bunnies.
They're very excited!
Love Fi x

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Setting Up Shop!

Thank you for all your pushes, nudges and shoves! Yes I am going to open a folksy shop, in fact I registered a moment ago.

Thank you for all your words of support and for gently (and some not so gently -Lesley and Alchamillamolly) pushing me in the right direction. ( Yes I can be hard work at times)
So before I go all official on Folksy, if any of you lovely, lovely ladies would really like one of my embroidered bunnies then please email me.

I have 6 bunnies. There are 4 in the yellowy-orange colours and 2 in pinky-blue colours.

They are all about 10 inches or 26cm tall, as well as being made from vintage embroidered linens, they also have matching hand embroidery by yours truly.

They have button jointed arms and tiny matching buttons attaching the ears.

Each one has a 'MarmaladeRose' label hand stitched on the back and a little love heart embroidered on his tail.

Though they have safety eyes, these bunnies are only meant for decorative purposes and not as toys.

They cost £22 each and this includes p&p in the UK.

Phew! I think that's everything. I found that really hard, I'm not a natural sales woman. (Even hundreds of years working in a shop hasn't helped.)

Thank you for the supportive comments you leave me, they really mean a lot.
love Fi x

Monday 9 February 2009

Bunny Love

Hello, how are you? Still snowed up? Yep! Us too. Never mind lets stay indoors and have some bunny love.

In answer to a couple of questions you left with your lovely comments; yes I did make these bunnies.

They're made from vintage embroidered linens. It took a couple of attempts tweaking my pattern to get the face the right shape.

I never realised how hard it is to draw a rabbits face!

They have button jointed arms and little buttons holding their ears on.

And each one has a little embroidered heart on his bobtail.

I couldn't resist adding some of my own hand embroidery especially around their faces.

I've just realised, there's an extra bunny in the last picture, I wonder where he's been for the last six photos?

Thursday 5 February 2009


Come and have a look out of the attic window.

Isn't that beeeeaaaauuuutiful?
I hope you enjoyed that.

I just wanted to share it with you :0)

Hmmm.... Maybe this little bunny should be an 'Arctic' hare!

Talking of the 'Arctic', it's felt a little chilly of late around here. So when I spotted a rag 'hookie' rug at our local auction I snaffled it up sharpish. (well wonderful man did. I'm a bit shy.)

It's living in the kitchen at the moment but it might have to move to in front of the wood burner in the front room.

I have no idea how old it is, but it doesn't matter, I like it and I bought it to be used.

It has a few tufts missing here and there,

and there are a couple of small stains on it, but I reckon it'll have a few more when it's live with us for a while!

But best of all... it says Home Sweet Home on it.

Monday 2 February 2009

A very long bus ride!

Hello, just a quickie. Its 4:40pm and I'm waiting for child #2 to come home. She set off with school at 2:30am (yes AM) to travel to Zrece in Slovenia. Obviously the weather was against us from the start. It was touch and go whether we'd get child #2 and her best friend to school this morning as it was already snowing. Best friends mum has a 4x4 and braved the snow in the dark to get them to the coach in time. The school coach managed to get from Cumbria down to Stanstead Airport in London. When they got there their flights had been cancelled and they've had to turn around and come all the way back.

Hi, its now 5:09pm and she is home safe and well. Actually she's not home now, no, she gone straight back out in the blizzard conditions to sledge in the snow with her brother and a friend. Oh, to be 13! The view above is the usual from my attic window.

And this is what she's just gone sledging in. Mad! The snows coming down that fast we I can't see the hills! But I don't care, she's home.