Thursday 20 January 2011

Well I've started this year with real gusto my friends! (Lets hope I can keep it up, lol)

I'll apologise now for the speed with which I whizz you through this post but my little sewing machine has been so busy over the first 20 days of 2011 that I'm afraid we'll get behind with each other.

So without further ado lets get this post on the road...

Do you remember this beautiful piece of embroidery? I found it dirty and crumpled in a box that I bought from a charity shop labelled 'Granny Pilleys embroidery' well over a year ago.

Gorgeous isn't it?

At the moment there is a lack of comfy sofa cushions in the MarmaladeRose household due to me having a tizzy fit just before Christmas and chucking out our old worn and threadbare cushion covers. I did of course being the thrifty madam that I am, cut off the zippers and pass on the worn almost pancake flat inner pads to Sneaky Dog for her bed. (and very pleased she was with them too) So there has been a dearth of cushions on Wonderful Mans sofa which hasn't gone unnoticed I can tell you.

Being the good wifey that I am, I thriftily (I think we'll be seeing a lot of that word this year) rummage around in the numerous boxes stashed in the loft for said piece of fabric, I gave it a wash and hey presto it looked shipshape and shiny!(and smelt much better too!)

I did tremble a bit before I cut into the fabric. It's such a fine piece of embroidery that I did wonder whether or not I should put it in a picture frame and hang it on the wall. But then I reasoned with myself that textiles are meant to be touched, lets face it how many of us can walk through a department store without fingering a garment or two as we glide past.
Any how, I'm sure Granny Pilley would rather it was adorning one of Dunnelms finest feather cushion pads on Wonderful Mans sofa rather than scrunched up in the corner of a cardboard box never to see the light of day.

And this is the back, little green, velvet button loops finish it off.
I even managed to find 3 buttons in my stash with a wavy design on them to match the fabric.
(Apologies for the very poor light, but it's been crap here, it's like living in a hobbit hole!)

Next is a quilted patchwork cushion with a vintage vibe. This one is NOT on Wonderful Mans sofa but sitting prettily in my Folksy shop waiting for someone with infinite good taste and a space on their bed/chair for a some embroidered and patched scrummyness.

No attention has been spared here. The back fastens with 2 embroidered covered buttons and coloured lace button loops. I'm on a roll now girls.

I've also made 3 bunnies for my Folksy shop, this unusual soft green one has already hopped off to pastures new though. (Just as well really as I was very temped to keep her for myself, tut, tut!)

Another Springtime bag has been carefully completed, actually there have been 2, but the pretty pink one I made was snaffled up by a friend before I could even photograph it! This one started out as a tray cloth, but life had been hard on her and she had some pretty grotty tea stains on her bottom. OO er! Notice the hobbity lack of light again!

Talking of tea, (Good link eh? My posts aren't just thrown together you know.)
Talking of tea...

I've been making padded removable liners for these vintage embroidered tea cosies.

Put the kettle on Polly!
(Yes I know they are budgies but I couldn't think of anything for a budgie!)

Now this one IS mine!
(Note to self; Must start using a teapot.)

Phew! I think we're up to date now. Well actually we're not because I know I have something else up in the attic that's finished but it is awaiting some daylight to be photographed.
Anyway... Lastly, this is my work basket today.
Can you spy those little embellished hearts?
Yep! I know. I'm a big tease...
till next time
love fi x

Monday 10 January 2011

20 Minuters 1 Year On.

Hello luverly, luverly bloggy friends.

Yes it has been a whole year give or take a day or two, since I mentioned those 3 little words...


and behold
was created!
If you're new to my blog and wondering what the 20 Minuters is all about, you can read my blog post that started it all here, who'd have thought!
Shall we see how we got on?

I say 'we' as right from the beginning I wasn't alone on this one.

No fewer than 67 of you scrummy bloggers asked to join in the fun!

We have our own Flickr page with 40 contributors. (Just click on the link on my sidebar to check out all the stitchy, hooky goodness, make sure you have a cuppa and a piece of cake to keep you going thought as there is plenty to see.
The top 5 contributors are
Marmaladerose with 92 photos
Green Rabbit Designs with 70 photos
I myself have found this hugely rewarding especially all of the kind comments and encouragement from you lot out there,


It feels like a huge pair of hands gently cajoling and pushing me forward.

It's not all been plain sailing though. I have to admit there have been days when I've not managed to squeeze in that 20 minutes. There have not been many of them though, but sometimes things happen, things quite out of your control.
Life just gets in the way!
I lost my job in 2010.
I was offered another job which fizzled out 5 weeks before Christmas.
But all this, plus the support of my wonderful man and good friends (I include you blogsters out there) has given me a kick up the bum and made me open my Folksy shop. (Something people have been urging me to do for a long time) So things are looking brighter and I'm hoping that this year my job WILL BE my Folksy shop. Fingers crossed!

So what have I achieved this year

Are you ready?
In no particular order

I've made
a snowman lap quilt
a crazy nine patch chair pad
pieced a patchwork hexagon quilt (ongoing)

several drawstring bags

Milkchurn Cottage applique picture
3 applique shed pictures

wheat bag covers
applique lavender bags
fabric cupcakes (shed loads)
crochet bunting (several)
crochet blanket (still needs the ends stitching in, lol)
5 pairs of crochet mitts
recovered wonderful mans work chair
crochet hangers (oops! no picture)
patchwork hearts
Castle Bolton felt picture
a picture for Tilly Rose (embarrassingly still ongoing)

embroidered linen bunnies (lost count)
wheat filled lace hearts
lavender hearts

a gokart toy
housey key fobs
Maisie Pickles rag doll
5 fabric Xmas puds

a fabric wedding cake
Xmas garlands and
12 hand bags
Not a bad year!
But there's no time to put my feet up...

I'm on my second cushion cover of 2011 wooohooo!
Although there won't be an official 20 Minuters list this year, I hope you will all carry on with your 20 minutes crafting each day and of course keep uploading all of your beautiful items to our Flickr group. I know it's almost become a way of life to me now.
And lastly if I missed adding you to the 20 Minuters last year (things where a bit frantic and got on top of me occasionally) then please accept my apologies and please join in and upload your work this year, all are welcome.
love Fi x
PS Thank you Mrs Bobobun for taking the time to help me with mosaic making, I hope your back is better soon sweetie.

Thursday 6 January 2011

Baby it's cold outside.

Hello my lovelies.
Thank you for all of your lovely comments you left on my last post. It was so difficult not to share my makes with you during December, lol.
This it todays view from my attic window.
I'm very glad the snow hasn't settled any lower down!
It's amazing the difference a few metres make.
This is what we had over Christmas. It looks spectacular doesn't it?

I love this view.

This was part of our Boxing Day walk. I just have to show you the frozen beck, it's almost completely frozen.

This the view from the bridge...

a closer look, the waterfalls have frozen completely!
It was beautiful.

Brrrr... time to return to my sewing machine I think.
I just needed to share these extraordinary pics with you.
love fi x

Sunday 2 January 2011

Secret Christmas Makes.

My sentiments to you exactly!
I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.
And of course a very creative one!
Time to share my pre-Christmas secret makes, just so we're all up to date. We can't start the new year properly if we're all behind can we?
So firstly we have a simple Christmas Card for my parents. I find simple is usually best when it comes to Christmas cards.
A birthday card for my Dad.

Two pairs of fingerless mitts for a friend and another pair unfortunately not photographed for another dear friend. These for day wear...

and something a little more lacy for the evenings, lol. You can find the patterns here and here on Creativeyarns lovely blog.
Actually I really fancy a pair of the daytime ones in black for myself but since I've been going to crochet myself a new hat since last year and not done it, I don't think I'm likely to get around to mitts either, lol.

Something very special now.
One of my hand felted and machine embroidered handbags for my Aunty Michelles 50th birthday. Did I mention she was 50! lol.
If we have time I'll show a bit more of this bag in detail another day.
That's if you'd like to see it ;)

A second one this time with velvet trim this one was a Christmas gift. Wow my little fingers have been very busy this December.

And lastly a pretty housey key fob for a special neighbour who has lots of keys!
So you see I've not really been neglecting you, I've just been very productive. Honest!
And talking of productive I think I need to check up on my lovely '20 Minuters' before January is out and take stock of all their creativity over the last year.
Still such a lot to fit in.
love fi x