Wednesday 28 July 2010

Previous work in embellished felt.

Foxglove picture.

Foxglove detail

Castle Bolton Gardens

Flora picture

First felt picture

Felted handbag

Garden picture

Mulberry handbag

Hydrangea picture
Hello friends, just a little explanation for this wordless Wednesday!
As I'm a bit of a technophobe so this was the only way I could think of showing a friend some of my previous textile art.
I hope you all enjoyed it too, lol!
Fi x

Tuesday 6 July 2010


I have some sad news today.

Geraldine, one of our hens died yesterday.
We don't know why, she mooched about a bit and looked rather sulky for a day and then went into the hen house and died.

We've been told that sometimes that's just what happens with hens...
So I thought we might go on a little bimble and reflect upon natures beauty.

Here's the start of our walk down to the river. We've just crossed the main road in our village and snuck down a little passageway between two cottages.

Who ever is last, please close the gate behind you.
Under the old railway bridge.

Across the meadow and over the style.

Not far at all.

Hmmm... the grass is tickling my toes through my sandels...

and the sun is hot on my bare arms.

That black fuzz is Sneaky Dog searching the rabbit holes in the river bank.

I can't resist stepping down onto the river bed. The water is very low a the moment, unbelievable after the weeks and weeks of snow we had up here!

The black dot in the distance is... you've guessed it... Sneaky Dog.

Looking back again we've just crossed the road bridge.

And over the field to this scrummy little 'Troll' bridge.

OOO! Look,
It's all dingley-delly down here.

Love it.

Heading back now.

Sneaky Dog is back on her lead even though she's more scared of the sheep than they are of her.

Good-bye sheep.

Aaaah back home, just waiting for the kettle to boil...

Do you fancy a piece of cake with your cuppa?
Till next time my lovelies when I think we aught to catch up with some stitchy stuff.
Love Fi x