Wednesday 29 December 2010

Cold Turkey!

Hello, how are you doing?
Have you finally finished all of the turkey?
Is the dustbin full and the bottle bank overflowing?
Yes, same here, lol.
We've reached those funny few floating days between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. I've found myself floating aimlessly too, unable to settle. I know exactly why; I get like this if I haven't done anything creative and crafty for a couple of days. So there was nothing for it but to set up a make-shift work station up in the attic. You see my usual big sewing table has travelled down 2 flights of stairs to join the dining table as we had guest for Christmas. In it's place 2 single mattresses were laid ready for my nieces to sleep on. Well needs must and all that, I stood the mattresses up against the wall (I can't put them away as we have more guests arriving on New Years Eve.) and put together a tiny kitchen table that we no longer use.
Ahhhh...that's much better, just enough room for my lovely, lovely, scrummy sewing machine (oh how I've missed you! stroke, stroke.) and a small cutting mat.
And what did I make?

Well I've had this scrappy little drawing in my sketch book for months, so I thought I'd see what I could do with it.

Do you want to see?

I had a good old rummage and chose a suitable piece of embroidered linen.

Another rummage for pretty cotton lace, which wasn't easy as everything had been stuffed out of sight in cupboards and under beds ready for my guests. (How I'll ever find anything again I really don't know!)

A piece of the reddest gingham fabric

and hey presto!

A little Spring time shopping bag was made.
Ohhhhhh...I feel sooooo much better now that I've had my fix! lol.
I'll be back soon with all my Christmas craft makes now they are no longer secrets and some pictures of frozen waterfalls.
Happy Inbetween Time.
fi x

Monday 20 December 2010

And the winner is...

Thank you everyone who left a comment and entered my Christmas Giveaway for the snowmen lap quilt. I wish I had one to send to each of you, lol.
Well there were 55 comments including one left twice so that leaves 54 comments in total. (I'm a real whizz at maths, lol)

Drum roll please...
And the winner is....
Dosie Rosie
Merry Christmas
thanks for entering every one.
love fi x

Friday 17 December 2010

A Quick Christmas Giveaway!

Hello how are you?
Is it getting frantic?
Have you posted all those cards?
Have crossed off everyone on your list?
Have you resorted to the Sherry yet
Hmmm...Let's slow things down a little.

How about a quick little giveaway?
Just a little something to say Merry Christmas from me to you.

A Christmas lap quilt/wall hanging.
What do you think?
Do you fancy it?
A cosy hand quilted lap size or if you prefer it can be hung on the wall using the slot on the back.
Just leave a comment
that's all.
Nothing too taxing at this time of year.
My gift to you.
Don't forget to make sure I can contact to if you win. I'll draw the winner on Monday morning (20th) so I can get it into the post before Christmas Day, you've only got the weekend to enter so get tippety tapping away!

love fi x

Sunday 5 December 2010

Gloomy Photo Shoot

Hello Ladies, sorry I was just having a giggle...

This one reminded me of Charlies Angels, teehee!
No, I know it's not that funny but it just tickled me.
I've been trying to take some photos of these large bunnies for my Folksy Shop.
But as you can see,
it's been very difficult with the gloomy snow filled days we've been having,
Which ever way up you look at it.
I even went as far as taking down the lace net curtain to let in more light!
But I don't think it made a jot of difference.
But I have to say...
the bunnies were very patient.
posing in every position possible.

Bless em!

It was a real team effort!

fi x

Wednesday 1 December 2010

A Winter Wonderland.

(The view from the attic window. Click to make bigger.)
I've just popped in to say thank you for all of you good wishes for my Folksy shop and a whopping thank you for your help on the bead front.
To show my appreciation I donned my wellies and woolly hat and set off to take some photos of the snow especially for you.
I hope you enjoy them while you're cosy indoors!
(we've got another dollop of snow forcast for this afternoon!)

love fi x