Monday 28 June 2010

Can you...

guess where I have been?
I'll give you a few clues.
We travelled a short distance up the motorway to Cockermouth in the Lake District.

Arriving in good time, we didn't have to queue very long to get in.

We saw wonderfully WOOLLY Wensleydale sheep.

Absolutely adorable WOOLLY Alpacas.

White WOOLLY Angora rabbits

and Gorgeous WOOLLY Angora goats

Did you guess?

I hope you appreciate how hard it was taking photos

when really all we wanted to do

was touch and caress

ooooh and


Yep! It sure was a real hardship having to stop and click

when there was soooo much scrummy woollyness all around us.


You're worth it! x

Hope you enjoyed it.

Sorry, what was that?
Did I buy anything?
Of course I did! LOL!
Love Fi x

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Meet the Girls.

Hellooo, I think it's time I introduced you to the girls.

They're a little bit camera shy like me and always seem to be facing the wrong way. (Much like me! They haven't found my 'good side' yet. Lol.)

From left to right, Cluck, Geraldine, Margery and Lady Gaga.

I've found it impossible to get all 4 of them in the same picture, at the same time, looking in the same direction.

We've only had them 2 weeks and to date we have had no eggs at all, but that's ok because they're still only teenagers. If you look closely their wattles on their heads haven't developed properly yet. Margery (the one at the back) seems to be the youngest with the least wattle and the smallest in size.

Every one enjoys spending time with them (even the horizontal teenager is keen to be involved!)
Cluck is the leader and the bravest.

She's also the most tame.

I thought I'd include this photo to mark the first-cleaning-out-of-the-hen house. Please note how many people are helping. I wonder if there will still be quite so many people a few weeks down the line...

only time will tell.

Till next time,


Love Fi x

Friday 18 June 2010

Reeth via Muker and Arkengarthdale

Hello my lovely friends. You join me today, on a little pick-me-up afternoon out. Yes we all need them now and again don't we and today was my turn.  We tootled over to Muker in Swaledale. You join us just as we get to the hair raising bit on the Buttertubs Pass (see the start of the safety barriers or as Jeremy Clarkson calls it...the little green hosepipe!) As I've mentioned before the Buttertubs Pass takes us over the top of the fells from Wensleydale to Swaledale and is quite breathe-taking if a little bit scary.

and down into...

Beautiful Swaledale.

To the left we have the tiny village of Thwaite but we're turning right to...

Lots of stone barns, blue sky and buttercup meadows.

A little stop for lunch at Muker Village Tea Room

and enjoyed our surroundings

It would have been rude not to visit the Swaledale Woollens shop. Yes that is a sheep on the roof. (Not a real one!)

Look what we spied through the door to the stock room! A label clearly saying 'Prince Charles Order', OOOO Er!
Yes apparently he has his gloves hand knitted here. Now there's a good quiz question for you, if you are ever in need of a good quiz question that is!

Next door is the gift shop and gallery.
Back in the car now and a little detour to somewhere that I've never been to before...


Small and compact, this is the village pub.

Turn the car around and back on our short journey to Reeth.

Aaaaah, good to be out of the car again, bimbling about amongst natures pretties.

little houses
Pretty places to stay

Pretty places to eat

Pretty places to shop

Much prettiness

at every turn

don't you think.

Not to mention pretty decent prices too

Time to head home

back through Muker

past secret waterfalls

and over Fell tops

over the Buttertubs again (I don't like this side, it's even closer to the green hosepipe!)

we've dodged lots of sheep on our way home.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, if you fancy your own virtual ride over the Buttertubs Pass there are lots on You Tube even one by Jeremy Clarkson apparently!
Who'd have thought!
Love Fi x