Monday, 7 June 2010

My week in pictures.

Well, the parts that were suitable to photograph.

A journey to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend. (Being in the car for nearly 3 hours is very boring when you are 15.)

and when your 5 and a half!

This is my Mum and Dads house over in East Yorkshire. You can just see the beautiful Wisteria under the bedroom window.

Sneaky dog enjoys Grandpa's pretty garden, there are lots of little paths and bushes to sniff around.

But before you know it it's time to...

head back home to North Yorkshire and rolling hills and brooding skies.


Bank Holiday Monday brought glorious sunshine for the village fair.

Shiny red tractors to guess the weight of.

Traditional Maypole dancing by the village school children. (sorry I managed to miss it, must have been rummaging on the brick-a-brack stall!)

Sweet little babies taking an afternoon nap in the sunshine.

These were little Shetland ponies.

Plenty of folk taking in the village scenery.

No village fair in England would be complete without Morris Dancers.

Pretty cottages.

Stone Barnes.

A glorious day in all.
(if you've got very good eyesight you might just see a castle in the background to the right.)


A couple of days later I received a parcel from the lovely Sandi all the way from Australia.

Look at this beautiful handmade card, just the right shade of vintage dusky pink.

And look what was inside!

The most gorgeous teacup fabrics and lengths of lace. Isn't it wonderful how one little person who you've never met before, thousands of miles away on the other side of the world can touch your life in such a lovely thoughtful way. Thank you sooooo much Sandi for making me feel very special.

Yes ladies, I even managed a little 20 minutes out in the garden... how are you doing with yours?

Sneaky dog was much more interested in this...

Not taken from a very good angle I grant you but when Wonderful Man very kindly climbs over a wall and balances in the mud for you, you can't be picky can you.


It's our new hen house!


Yes, our little household is growing.

I'll introduce you to





Lady Gaga

very soon.

Bye for now

love Fi x
P. S. The parts that weren't suitable to photograph were, me snoozing in the sunshine quite a lot, barbecuing in the rain, sitting outside the our local pub indecently late into the night ssssh! Having my my oldest and bestest friend from school come and stay, and a lovely evening spent in an Indian restaurant with dear friends.
Aaaah bliss.
I'm off to check up on your week now.


maryannlucy said...

Sounds like you had a fab week! Your parents garden is fabulous. Lots of lovely photos too, great post. Did you win the tractor if you guessed its weight??

Alijane said...

Your week sounds great. Your mum and dad's garden looks stunning.

Can't wait to meet the girls.


flutter said...

OOOEEERRR what a fabulous week you had.. Everything looked so bright and summery. Thank you for sharing your time.. Good luck with your extended family.. I am not brave enough to even go near a chicken. The boys grandparents have chickens and I sit and wave at them from afar lol

Jude said...

wonderful week!! I've travelled to Surrey from Crete and I'm spending time with my 37 week pregnant it!!
Take care

lynn said...

oh no broke the golden rule you NAMED your chickens ...i did this at first but sadly after so many funerals my last two are the girls only...but they will bring u so much joy ..and the eggs are so precious..please do not get a rooster as they are very rude and very loud..we have never had i didn't want my girls pillaged and plundered all day and every day..and i love their house..a right little chicken taj mahal...

Claire said...

Hey Fi, gorgeous photos and such a lovely time of year.
I would love to go to a village fair, it loooks like alot of fun.
Love the new hen house, tres chic. I always name my chooks/hens. I have purchased two Barnevelders they lay eggs with choclatey brown shells and flecks on them. Can't wait to find the first in the next box. I'm sure they will bring you hours of enjoyment and lovely fresh eggs.

Mandy said...

What a great week! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing. :)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Goodness me ... sounds like a fun packed week... always fancied driving a tractor! lol

I can remember many a family holiday with a springer spaniel sat on my lap, with her nose out of the window... ;D

x Alex

VintageVicki said...

Looks like a good week :)

Can't wait to meet your chickens - I really must work harder on MrVV to get some.

resewn sally said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a busy week! Your sneaky dog looks like a less whiskery younger version of my dog! lol. She's 11 and much whiter in the face now. Unfortunately, she's not good with chickens, so i can't have any. Look forward to meeting yours!
Sal. X

H said...

sounds like heaven! we found a new hen house too...just need to find the chickens

Anonymous said...

Great (& busy)week! I have to say that I think Lady Gaga is such a cool name for a chicken! :)
Vivienne x

Lululiz said...

And a great time was had by all! Lovely photographs.

Shabby Chick said...

Sounds like you've been having a good week! Love the piccies, some very English scenes :)

Mel xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your dad's garden looks completely weedless, wish I could say the same of ours!
Good luck with the new hens.

glor said...

What beautiful pictures. Your mum and dad's house and yard are beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful week.

Helen said...

OOOOOOOOh can't wait to meet the hens! Love Helen x

Twiglet said...

We used to live at Howden - E. Yorks. A bit flat over there tho!
Your week sounds great - perfect weather for the show!

Anonymous said...

Your parents have a fabulous garden and your post is absolutely lovely. Filled with all sorts of gorgeousness ;)
Congrats on your hens, my friend has lots of hens and chicks very sweet x

Ana Crafts said...

Hi, and thanks for sharing the
photos,i would like to join the 20min. every day sewing,thank you so mutch.

Julia said...

Oh I have loved seeing your photographs!! Don't you live in a scrumptiously pretty place?!! And now you're getting hens too!! Ahhh, always longed for hens and can't wait to see pictures of yours, you lucky lady!

Much love
Julia x x x

Lyn said...

Fi what a lovely Bank Holiday you all had, would love to see the one of you snoozing though!
I have to admit to not doing my 20 minutes much this week, I did do 20 minutes of crochet every day on holiday though, but my sketching went out the window!

Serenata said...

What a wonderful week. Gorgeous garden, fun and food with family and friends, lovely package - what more could a girl want?

JP said...

great post - thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

a chick named "lady gaga". chuckle-chuckle...that's funny.

Unknown said...

Hi there,your blog was just recommended to me by a friend from county Kerry, Ireland. She particularly mentioned your lovely felted foxgloves picture! We have them galore in the Kerry countryside and they are reminiscent of childhood for me! My grandmother called them 'fairy fingers'. I just wanted to say I love your blog and especially the 20 min a day challenge. Pity I didn't find you sooner but it is a wonderful idea.I would love to join in next year if possible. I just had my third child and my crafting is on a go slow at the moment but I have many projects in my head just waiting!! Well done! Sharon

Sharon said...

By the way I have a blog where I post my own craftyness and the craftyness of a craft group that I run where we all learn from each other. Have a look if you are interested in many different crafts, we have tried them all, almost.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a lovely time (except for the step climbing!)
I absolutely love the name 'Cluck' for a chicken, can't wait to meet her!
a-m x

nocton4 said...

great photos, happy times x

Lulu said...

what a lovely area.