Thursday 28 June 2012

Woolfest and the Embroiderers Guild

(woolly pompom sheep)
I'm just catching up with last weekend. I have pictures of the most beautiful embroidery from Richmond and Leyburn Embroiderers Guild Exhibition to share with you. First though just a couple of pics that I thought might make you smile from Woolfest 2012 at Cockermouth.
 A sea of woolly pompom sheep! These filled the central auction ring with hundreds more lining the benches around the ring! 
 I couldn't resist this little cupcake as gift for Wonderful Man back at home.
Well there had to be more to it than just wool to please WM. The chocolate was tucked inside. I didn't take anymore photos as a lot of the stall holders don't allow it, plus it was far too busy and extremely soggy. Sorry. (Not to mention my I had my hands full with a one or two purchases of my own.)
 Right onto the Embroiderers Guild Exhibition. Sit back and enjoy the pictures, sorry for the poor quality but I thought it would be a bit rude to have my camera flash going off and startling people, so these were flashless. If you click on the photos they should pop up larger, fingers crossed.

 This one appeared in a recent Workbox magazine.
 A mermaids purse
 Work by my lovely friend Jeannette.
 I luuurve French knots!
 Silk ribbon embroidery on the lid of a box.

 Work by my lovely friend and companion for the afternoon, Janet. (the black mark in the sky is actually somewhere in my camera lens, can't get rid of it.)
 Machine embroidered purse.
 This was in a glass display case, sorry about the reflection spoiling it.
And lastly my favorite piece. I just love the jumble of embroidered flowers.
Well I hope you enjoyed our little outing. To update you on my to-do-list, I altered the prom dress to teenage daughters satisfaction, finished my felt flower brooches and delivered them to the gallery, (pictures next time maybe) and have almost finished another felt picture, no piccies yet as it's a secret gift, ssh. 
Now I'm off to the post office before it starts raining AGAIN! 
Till next time
love Fi x

Monday 25 June 2012

Take a note (book) Miss Jones.

 I'm fizzing today!
 There are so many ideas in my head and sooo many things I want to do! My heart's beating faster and my skin is tingling. I spent the weekend visiting Woolfest 2012 at Cockermouth and an exhibition at my local Embroiderers Guild (must remember to show you the photos)
You may think this is a good thing for a creative bod like me, but it's not. NO! It can be quite dangerous, as being full of so many ideas means I can't decide what to do first and often this leads to the dreaded 'not doing anything at all!'

I have plenty of  works already in progress to finish without all the new ideas in my head. There is a new felt picture to finish embroidering, felt brooches to put together, a bunny to make, stones to crochet, stones to embroider, crochet and knitting to get on with, a crochet class to prepare and notebooks to cover...
OO! Notebooks!
Nearly forgot about them (not much room in my head at the mo)
(front A5)
 Yes, I thought I better show you my first attempt at covered notebooks before the photos got forgotten and lost in the myriad of files and folders on my computer.
(front A5) 
Gosh! Just remembered I need to make a birthday gift for a dear friend, a thank you gift that's way overdue for another lovely friend and I need to make some more greetings cards. OH HECK! Daughters prom dress need altering too!
 (front A6)
 I couldn't forget pretty insides too :) I think they're almost my favourite part, lol.
Maybe I should have one of these notebooks to keep my memory in! 
or at least my list of projects to finish. 
Thank you for the Meadow Felt love. It's now in the art and craft gallery, I'll try and remember to take a photo of it hanging in it's little space, but knowing what my memories like, don't hold your breath! 

love yes... Fi x

Edited to add :: Just noticed this was my 300th post! WHOOHOO!
I think I better add 'organize a celebratory giveaway prize' to my to do list. 
You don't mind it a bit late do you? x

Edit number 2 :: Panic over, it's ok, I've just noticed Blogger counts your drafts in with your published posts so I'm only up to 292 posts, phew! A bit of breathing space, haha. x

Sunday 3 June 2012

Crochet Stones

 Hello all, from the Dale in the Shire in the Land in the Kingdom. I like the sound of that. Without all the bits that come first (Wensley, York, Eng, United) it sounds rather magical. And magical it has been in the recent sunshine.
 This is pretty much what its all about here in the Dale. Sheep, stone, hills and streams. As you can see we're  surrounded by sheep, stone, hills and streams. Not much else for miles really. Perfect!
 Whats a girl to do but absorb herself in her natural surroundings. 
 And how addictive decorating each little piece of nature is!
 Time consuming but addictive.
 And imagine my delight today when my July copy of Country Living arrived and there on page 64, I spied a couple of crochet stones in amongst the treasures on jeweller Emma Mitchell's inspiration table.
Not like me to be so 'on trend'! lol.
Thank you for all the 'Forge' love. (Previous post)
Till next time
love Fi x
Edited to add.... Hi Tracy the crochet is not gathered under the stones but crocheted to fit each stone exactly, believe me a lot of frogging goes on, lol. It's just a matter of trial and error for each one.