Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I have some sad news today.

Geraldine, one of our hens died yesterday.
We don't know why, she mooched about a bit and looked rather sulky for a day and then went into the hen house and died.

We've been told that sometimes that's just what happens with hens...
So I thought we might go on a little bimble and reflect upon natures beauty.

Here's the start of our walk down to the river. We've just crossed the main road in our village and snuck down a little passageway between two cottages.

Who ever is last, please close the gate behind you.
Under the old railway bridge.

Across the meadow and over the style.

Not far at all.

Hmmm... the grass is tickling my toes through my sandels...

and the sun is hot on my bare arms.

That black fuzz is Sneaky Dog searching the rabbit holes in the river bank.

I can't resist stepping down onto the river bed. The water is very low a the moment, unbelievable after the weeks and weeks of snow we had up here!

The black dot in the distance is... you've guessed it... Sneaky Dog.

Looking back again we've just crossed the road bridge.

And over the field to this scrummy little 'Troll' bridge.

OOO! Look,
It's all dingley-delly down here.

Love it.

Heading back now.

Sneaky Dog is back on her lead even though she's more scared of the sheep than they are of her.

Good-bye sheep.

Aaaah back home, just waiting for the kettle to boil...

Do you fancy a piece of cake with your cuppa?
Till next time my lovelies when I think we aught to catch up with some stitchy stuff.
Love Fi x


sylviesgarden said...

Such lovely images of a beautiful part of the world.
I'm so sorry about Geraldine. Big hugs and much love.

Marigold Jam said...

Fabulous walk thanks for sharing with us. That is some cake you have there but after that walk maybe a little slice!!


Marigold Jam said...

PS Sorry about your hen - it's always sad isn't it?


Twiglet said...

A perfect day for that wonderful walk - thanks Fi - wish I was up there with you!!

cathleen said...

Your photos are totally exquisite! I am so sorry you are sad about your sweet little hen.

Anonymous said...

What a really lovely walk and a yummy cake. :)

I very sorry to hear about your little hen, never easy.

Vivienne x

Colette said...

Must have been a sad day for hens. I had to go and put one of Mum's babies (her chickens) to sleep. Very sad. xx

Thank you for the walk.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Know that wooden bridge well. Yes, isn't the water low - the farmer has rarely seen it so low.
Just to mention we shall not be in on Sunday after all - friends are coming and we are going out. So if you do come to Open Gardens we shalln't be there - but do call any time you are near.

KC'sCourt! said...

Thank you for the virtual walk, I really enjoyed it. The cake looks really yummy.
Sorry about Geraldine.
Julie xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

The thickness of that cake is obscene (but, looks totally yummy)!

RIP Geraldine :0(

Jill x

Jane said...

Wonderful walk -thanks for inviting us. Gosh that's some cake! So sorry about your hen.

Annie said...

What gorgeous scenery. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.
Sorry to hear abour Geraldine.
A x

claire said...

Hey Fi, sad news about Geraldine,but if she was sick better to pop off early rather than linger. I hope the rest of the girls are all well.

Lovely walk down by the river looks refreshingly cool in the dingly dell! Beautiful reflections, beautiful photos, scrummy cake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the amble. Reminds me off last week when we were in Clitheroe. Sorry about your hen. Hug, hug. x

Anonymous said...

P S Boy what a cake!!!!

Helsie said...

That's it! I'm coming over! The walk and then that cake!
Thanks for taking me with you. You live in such a pretty place.

lynn said...

sorry for your loss...i am now down to my last chook...too many chicken funerals for my liking..so once this little lady goes to chicken heaven i'm not getting anymore..thank u for the walk i really needed it ..lynnie

Carole said...

Hi Fi,
I am soo sorry to hear about Geraldine.
Your walk must`ve been great and would help clear your mind. I just love the views around where you live. We really must come for our yearly visit soon.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

Sigrun said...

Sorry about Geraldine, it's always sad.
Thank you for sharing this lovely walk, it makes me long for going abroad. And that cake ...omg

Autumn Mist said...

So sorry to hear about Geraldine, it's a bit of a mystery, isn't it? I so wanted to come on that walk, but could my horsey do it? I think I'd have burned off enough calories to eat some of that gorgeous cake with you!

JP said...

that is some cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandi said...

Beautiful walk you had, what a wonderful place on earth where you live, are we not truly blessed. That cake is amazing and I am sure you enjoyed every last little crumb.
RIP Geraldine, they do become family in a very short while don't they.

Hugs Sandi xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Sorry to hear about Geraldine... a firends cockerel went a little like that ... but did recover... it was during some hot weather we had...

beautiful photo's of a beautiful part of the country... and thats one monster of a cake... y-u-m-m-y!
after that slice you will need another walk! lol

x Alex

crafty-stamper said...

Hiya Fiona sorry about Geraldine.Beautiful walk and scenery and could just go a slice of that cake,I have just made one of my own but only two layers nowhere near as decadent as yours lol
carol x

Helen said...

Sorry to hear about your hen . . .we have lost two of ours . . in as many weeks, Helen

The Patchwork Heart said...

So sorry to hear about your hen, I would love to keep hens, just like I would love a cottage in the country ... I dream! Please add me to your 20 minuters list I have added the button and link to mu blog! Thanks
Heather ~ The Patchwork Heart ♥

topchelseagirl said...

Aw sorry to hear about Geraldine, what a shame. My what a gorgeous walk you went on, thanks for sharing it with us. Ooh yes a slice of cake for me please! x

Lyn said...

Sorry to hear about your hen, sad as they become part of the family.
What a lovely area you live in, very pretty and what lovely cake!...

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Your first photo drew me in to click and see the rest of your post....then I enjoyed the beautiful walk and...what a delicious surprise at the end! That cake makes me wish I could have a piece right now.

Dawns Creative Crafts said...

gorgeous photo's. thank you for sharing them.
Sorry about your loss--never easy to lose a loved one or animal.

I would like to be added to the 20 Minuters list also please. Thank you.


Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there Fi just spent the day in Whitby for my birthday had a lovely time so sorry to hear about the demise of one of your lovely ladies

strawberrygirl said...

beautiful country side you are very lucky....tracy

Babs said...

What a truly lovely blog.
From the cakes to the felt and crochet alongside the rivers and streams..it's eye candy and heart for my soul.

My condolences also for your loss of Geraldine

Maggie Ann said...

What a lovely post...utterly charming and restful. I enjoyed coming along with you for the walk. I loved the dingley-delly place!

mrsnesbitt said...

I was looking at the photos and knew it was yorkshire straight away! I am a blogger friend of Weaver of Grass so it was good to pop over and see where you are. We live on the North York Moors a few miles from Whitby and often travel through the Dales on our motorbike adventures.

So sorry to hear about Geraldine - we too keep hens and can fully understand your loss. It is only a matter of weeks since we lost our beloved gander, Jo. He had been with us for 19 years so it was a big gap in our home life - it just isn't the same without his face peeping through the kitchen window.

Nice to meet you.
Denise x

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about little Geraldine,
But what a perfect way to remember her,
Thank you Geraldine for making your mum take such lovely pictures without your passing we would have never seen.

Pam x