Monday 13 April 2009

Granny Square Overload.


I've finally finished my very first granny square crochet blanket.

So prepare yourselves for a granny square overdose!

Do you remember I started this back in November last year?

And I must say on the whole it's been very enjoyable.

I've crocheted in the garden

I've crocheted in hospital (when child #1 broke his arm!)

I've even crocheted in the pub!

There are six colours and the smaller squares have every colour combination possible.

I wanted it to look a bit Cath Kidstonish, but not as pale as hers. (Don't' want it in the wash all the time!)

It's just the right size for a nap on the sofa...zzz

I made a plain but neat edge around the finished blanket with double crochet in fern green and then to frame it all, bright red!

Aaaah! You must be all crocheted out by now.

Just wondered if you'd come across this brand new crochet magazine yet?

It says it's the UKs only dedicated crochet magazine.

The only thing I think I'd have a go at, is this flower scarf. Maybe the next issue will be better.

Next time I'll take you on a sunny walk from Muker to Keld in Swaledale. Quite breathtaking!

Bye for now. Love Fi x


Colette said...

Oh that is so amazing!!! I have finally found a sage green after I saw your blanket I decided that I wanted to use the same shade,(one day) another four balls to add to my stash!! I really like the way you have mixed big and small squares. hope you have had a lovely Easter.

Wow!! Still thinking how great you blanket looks on your bed.

Colette xx

Simone said...

I love your blanket. It is really interesting to look at with the two different sized squares. I just want to finish mine now so I can start something else! I did see the crochet magazine in W H Smith's. The only thing I liked was the scarf but when I was told the price of the magazine I decided that I didn't like the scarf that much! I had been really looking forward to this magazine launch but was very disappointed. Never mind! I can't wait to see your next project!

Joanne said...

Oh wow what an amazing, beautiful blanket.
Words aren't enough to tell you how fantastic your blanket is. It just looks so cosy and so different from any others I have seen.

Well done to you.

Joanne x

Diane said...

Wow - stunning. I love the colours and the pattern. Its much nicer than the CK one. xx

Lisa said...

Well done!!! Your blanket is lovely!! Enjoy all comfy curled up naps...:)

silverpebble said...

Ooh, crochet magic - this blanket is wonderful. I love the two different sizes of Granny squares together. You clever thing! It also looks big enough to snuggle under with slippers on, in front of some easy viewing and with a cold glass of something. Enjoy it!


Shabby Chick said...

You must be so proud, it looks wonderful! I especially like the combination of different styles of square.

Mel xxx

Leisa said...

I love your granny blanket - congratulations of getting it finished. I love the two types of blocks. The red edge really sets it off! Beautiful.

Bobo Bun said...

Blown away by your gorgeous blanket. I'm sitting here beside my five squares and now realise how far I have to go. Mine is meant for my eldest daughter, will I be that selfless when it's finally done I wonder?

The red edging looks wonderful with the green by the way.

Lisa x

Thecraftytrundler said...

I'm yet another blogger who loves your blanket!!! I am making one at present, and never thought of alternating large squares too, it's a lovely effect!!!
You won't get cold under that blanket, that's for sure!!

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

KnitCave said...

I to love your blanket and think the colour combination is excellent. I hope to crochet a blanket myself soon.

Interesting how people's tastes are different, I cast on the moebius as soon as I got the zine straight away.

Anonymous said...

oooh, I love it. Now I wish I'd done mine in those alternating type squares. Ah well, too late now.

Bonnie said...

Your blanket is beautiful !! I love it. Love the colors. Love the pattern. Love that you crocheted it here there and everywhere !! Very inspiring !!

lynn said...

thank you for your comment the blanket ..isn't it a good feeling when you have finished something..that's one thing blogging makes you do ..i am nearly finishing my vintage granny square blanket but the edging has become bigger than ben hur ..lynnie

Sarah said...

I love the colours on the blanket. It looks lovely on the bed. One day this year I will teach myself how to crochet!

AC said...

Wow! that is goreous...the colours are lovely:-)
Take care,

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Wow, what a beautiful blanket, I think I will have to start collecting wool to make a real go at it... I never have enough wool to do a whole blanket!

I haven't seen that magazine, the market has been lacking one though...
I will have to keep my eye out..

X Alex

maxine said...

your blanket is absolutely gorgeous! why do they have to take so long though? i love the big and little squares. very well done.
it looks stunning on your bed and a bit nicer than tha cath kidston ones if i may say so. like you i crochet everywhere, i have been known to get crocheting at dinner parties! well thing have to be finished!
cheers maxine

Gill said...

Your blanket is stunning, I love the colours, wish I'd gone for brighter colours for mine which is a bit wishy washy. Yours looks better than Cath's :), I guess you'll be starting the next one soon??!

Serenata said...

Congratulations on finishing your blanket - it is really lovely, looks great everywhere you have displayed it and you have inspired me to get cracking and finish mine so I can start another in different colours. I haven't seen the magazine yet, but sounds like it is slightly disappointing.
Lorraine :-)

cathleen said...
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that blanket - I made one a few years ago and had such pleasure from it - finally it became the bed for our aged pointer in his final illness. Wonder if I shall ever make another.

Alchamillamolly said...

Wrote a long comment and then forget to send it so here's a short one!! Love your blanket and the design you made is fab. Wasnt the weather great here in NY over the weekend. We were at Akebar nr Leyburn on Sunday - Adam's fiancees parents have a static caravan there it was so hot in the sun. Then we had a lovely meal at the Friars Head (?) on the site.

Curlew Country said...

Oh my word! What a triumph. I'm in awe, being only just about able to master chain stitch!

I do love the colours and the mixture of squares in your pattern, what a lovely design Super heirloom you've made there. Tremendous!


Lorna said...

Well done it looks brill. I crocheted one for my gran when I about 14 and it took me so long, i don't think I've crocheted since! Had forgotten about it until I saw yours - mmm, maybe I could take up the crochet hook again :-)

Lulu said...

wow, thats beautiful..
I love your bunnies also, so much..
Take care,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your blanket is beautiful. I would like one very much like it. I saw one somewhere with big and litle squares like yours with a purplish background. I like yours much better. I am trying to learn crochet and have bought some green wool as for the background colour of a granny square cushion I am planning to make, I can see it would work now. I love the red edging you've chosen (have always liked red and green together). I am certaily inspired, encouraged and spurred on to get making myself. I very much enjoy your blog. I am looking forward to the walk :o)

Carol said...

Fi that is definitely one of the best I hsve seen! I adore the colours and the stlye.
Clever you....I should have finished mine by well that is typical of me I never really finish anything.
Carol xxx

noelle said...

snessi so love that blanket i like the idea of differant size squares and the colours are just great! well done you ! x x noelle

Lynne said...

Wow what a lovely blanket.  I'm really into crocheting at the moment and I'm busy with a ripple blanket. Love yours.

Funkymonkey said...

The blanket looks wonderful on yuor bed. I love the way yuo have used a mixture of sizes for the squares.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blanket. I love the colours and the mix of large and small squares. I'm new to crochet and have managed to do a few summer garden granny squares. I'm so inspired by your blanket that I'm going to have a go at one. Maybe it will be a small to cuddle up with on the sofa though!

Ptite fanchon said...

Beautiful blog !!! beautiful crochet !

Mandy said...

Fi your blanket is amazing. You deserve to be very proud of it. My sister is in the process of teaching me how to crochet I am very much a beginner but love it.
My sister is much better at it as was my wonderful mum, she would be proud of us all crocheting!
Its beautiful x

French Nanny said...

Like all the rest, I think your blanket is gorgeous! I last made one like this in the 1970s, but maybe I'll have another little go....

BTW - did you sew or crochet the squares together?

Attic24 said...

Hi Fi
I have commented on this post before I think, but can't see it now??
ah well...where to begin? Gorgeous, fabulous, stunning, wowzer!!

Your blanket turned out to be amazing, your design with the two different sized squares works incredibly well...are you pleased with it?? you seem quite low key about it?!! LOL not leaping off the furniture like I would be!

Its really lovely Fiona, I hope you enjoy many many snuggles under it.
Love to you

Hen said...

Hi Fi,
I don't know why but I didn't see this post first time round but I have seen it now! Oh WOW! Just loving your blanket, so bright and cheery. The combination of the big and small squares looks fabby. Well done. You must feel very pleased; I have a pile of squares languishing in the corner, not sure when my granny blanket will ever get finished, I keep starting new things!
Hen x

Catherine said...

This is simply fabulous! I LOVE the colours. I have started a granny square blanket but it wil be a LOOONGGG time until it is finished!!

Catherine x

Cenoura said...

Just W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!!

Andrea said...

Hi Fiona...I fell in love with your Blanket a year ago after seeing it on Rate My Homemade Crafts. At the time I didn't even know what a Blog was. I now crochet and am the proud owner of my own little Blog. Just wanted to stop by and give you a Heartfelt THANK YOU for being my inspiration and giving me the Green Eyed Wanties. Thank you

melanie said...

Love, love , love this, much better than the CK one. :)

The Patchwork Heart said...

I love this blanket! Love the way you have mixed small and big squares :)
Heather x

Fiona Hayward said...

Hi Fi (from another Fi)

I really love your blanket.
I am making one similar (my second crochet project).
Im just wondering about the working out of the square sizes. did you have any trouble getting the smaller ones to fit in with the bigger ones, etc?

Fi said...

And so I've reached my goal for 2011 - to crochet! What an addictive passion... On Saturday I had quartet rehearsal and just missed the beginning notes - got so caught up in crocheting straps for my shoulder bag...!!!

One question - what is a neat way of getting rid of the little loose ends of wool hanging all over the back of my artwork? Please help!

Your crochet crazy new admirer

Jewel said...

Love your work, your blog.... as of now I'm following you :-)

Campfire said...

Oh, that is really stunning. I love granny blankets and have been collecting yarn to make a ripple one, as I've not tried that, made some granny squares for a blanket and remade it into a poncho but don't like that so it will be a blanket again.

Not followed your blog for a while, as I seem to have accumulated many, and you hadn't posted for a while, but how, it's been drawn right to the top of my listings.

I bought a crochet magazine, think it was that one, a while ago but there wasn't much in it.

Campfire said...

Oh, by the way, I made a crochet hanger from your tutorial, for a neighbour for Christmas. She really loved it and I had a tug of heart giving it away.

tawnypoppet said...

Hi - I love the blanket and am a fan of red and green together too. We had a weekend away in August and went to the Chapel Gallery where I'm sure I saw some of your work? We also called into Hawes and I spent a fair bit in the antiques/wool shop where you had yarn-bombed at the front.Beautiful countryside where you live Happy crocheting >^..^<