Monday, 16 March 2009

Blogiversary and 100 posts means a GIVE AWAY!

Helloooooo to all my lovely blogger friends out there. It's lovely to be with you all today, because today is my 100th post! Yes it is...Really!
Not only is it my 100th post but its also my blogiversary this week! One whole year of sharing snippets of my life and snippets of your lives!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being a part of this wonderful corner of my life, because without all of you popping by and leaving comments... well, it would be a bit one sided wouldn't it?
So according to blog tradition there MUST be a GIVEAWAY! Yeay!
But before I tell you what the gift is... if you would like to enter my giveaway, I would like you to leave me a comment telling me what craft project you one day hope to make; whether it be a scrap book for the family, a patchwork quilt or, to knit a pair of socks! You know what I mean, a project that sits at the back of your mind, saying 'One day...'
Well here's mine.

Yes, it is what you think it is. A CROCHET CHRISTMAS TREE! Aren't they fantastic! I just love them. I want one sooooo badly.

I really, really, really want one of these, 6 feet tall in the corner of my lounge this Christmas. In case you were wondering these are courtesy of the Free People web site. (I secretly wish I was 20 years younger so I could go and work with them, teehee!)
Every one who leaves a comment will be entered into the giveaway, which will be open until Saturday so that I can hopefully have time on Sunday (mothers day) to draw a winner and post the results online.
Don't forget to make sure I can contact you in some way if you win.
OH, the prize...
Well it's got to be a bunny hasn't it! The embroidery will be different to this photo. 
Thought I'd pop a 'behind the scenes' at the photo shoot pic in. Yes, it's all glamour here you know.
Thank you for the last year or maybe I should say our first year. It's been a blast! Cant wait to read your comments!
Here's to sharing many more!
Love Fi x


Anonymous said...

Hey I am new to blogh land and i come to you through a friend, Love your bunny's and love your little village that youlive in, I so lovebeing able to look in an dcommunicate wiht other like minded ladies, love it.
Anyhow even though i am new i would like to try to win one of your adorable bunnies so one day i want to print a picture of my youngest girl in a beautiful pink dress "that i have found from an opshop" onto material and embroider lots of flowers and transfer her into a magical garden, and i even have the frame just waiting for that day to day.

Anonymous said...

And i would like to desperatly tobe ablt to type better, lol, sorry

Shabby Chick said...

Beautiful bunnies! The room you took the photo in is so pretty.

I would love to embroider a picture of a garden, a bit like the ones the crinoline ladies are always in, with hollyhocks and roses and all sorts of other flowers. I hope one day I might actually do it!

Happy 100 posts and blogiversary :)

Mel xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Happy blogging for the next hundred Fiona. I must look in the Leyburn windows - I am going there when I switch off my computer. Those bunnies are just lovely.
My next craft project - well it is hard to say because I get a sudden inspiration and then go for it - often there is a gap between projects - as there is at the moment - but then one day I shall see something that will trigger another creative urge - either than or the quilt on our bed will become so tatty that I have to make a new one. I am afraid I buy material when I see it and it sits in y cupboard for a long time - but isn't it lovely to take it out and gloat over it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fi,
Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me in to share your gorgeous world and revisit my memories of old - years spent living in Yorkshire where I met my long-suffering hubby :-)
Long suffering....due to the insatiable appetite I have for arts and crafts. My dream, when I get some down-time from working full-time as an art teacher and raising a family, is to immerse myself further into the tactile world of felting...or glass-blowing... (whichever comes first! LOL)
Fingers crossed that one of your cutie bunnies makes a trip down-under and I mustn't neglect to tell you that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your dyed shoes and bag for the wedding way back in September too!
Happy anniversary and many more bloggy entries to come.
Andrea - now HOT in Perth, Western Australia.

Taz said...

Thank you for letting us into your world :) Happy blogiversary!
Wow those Xmas trees are amazing.
One of my one day projects is to make my small people a personalised blanket that they can keep forever. One that will be made up of lots of meaningful squares and bits and pieces, so that they will always have something from me that they can wrap around themselves when they need a cuddle and we're not together for me to do it in person. Soppy eh.

willywagtail said...

100 posts in a year is amazing. Congratulations. Love the behind the scenes shot - it has a lovely homey,cosy look. Cherrie

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love your blog. :o)
I would love to knit a sweater that FITS!! :o)

Sal said...

If I had the time then my next craft project would be a dolls get hold of an old one and do up, beautifully!
I've wanted to do that for a long time!;-)

Lyn said...

Well I have said it so often on my comments and blogs that I would love to learn to crochet. I drool with envy over some of the beautiful work I see here in Blogland! So to learn to crochet a granny square would be my project-or any crochet actually!
I am doing a 'life' scrap book for my mum's 70th birthday in December-yes that means I will start to panic sometime around September!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on you Blogiversary ! In terms of projects..there are hundreds...but I would really really loveto crochet my 2 girls a dress each...I have patterns, I have yarn, but life keeps getting in the perhaps it's more realistic to aim for making their wedding dresses!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Congratulations on your blogversary and your 100th post, Now you already know that I love your bunnies, coz I bought one! but another would keep Rosie company, I love the crochet Christmas tree's Joanne got me to visit and they have patterns for lovely crochet bags and toys, they have a pattern for a crochet Christmas tree bag....!

I have soooo many projects bouncing around in my head in a whole selection of media so to be honest I would just love to make something and actually still like it by the time I have finished it...
I always end up feeling dissapointed with what I have made and it ends up in a carrier bag in the wardrobe! lol

I am looking forward to another year of happy blogging and thank you for sharing your little part of the world with me.

Take care

maria said...

Congratulations. I would like to complete a double bed sized quilt.
I'd be thrilled to be the lucky winner of the adorable bunnies!

Lynne said...

Love your bunnies!
I would just like to get something finished that I've started. I have a number of quilt tops waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. I think my daughter's given up on waiting for hers. Another that is top of the list is an ongoing hexagon quilt I'm really trying to get finished, maybe this year?
I love those shops in Leyburn. There is one in particular that I cannot pass without going in.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy 100th post. What will I make one day........ A chicken quilt with some of my fabric I have been collecting for years. A ripple blanket. A granny square blanket (am quarter way there so don't think that counts) I want to knit a pair of socks (also half way there) I could say one day I want a tidy house. Yep that would be a start!!

Take care


Sarah said...

Hello! - I came across your blog via another blog!
Would love to be considered in your giveaway - well done for the last year. I've only just started.
I would like to learn to crochet in order to make a crochet blanket...eventually.

Poppy said...

Well-done! Not too sure where to start, I would love to be able to paint a picture of my garden, to do a picture with fleece, and too finish everything I have ever started but never finished.
I will keep everything crossed for the next week…love Lou

P.S love the Christmas tree too!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Happy blogiversary......

Alchamillamolly said...

I would like to learn to finish a project I start and not start a new one until one is complete - grrrh I saw your bunnies had burrowed their way to Leyburn on Saturday afternoon!! I have been cutting flags out for bunting - so far I have cut 200 out!! Doesnt time fly when you have blogged!!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Happy Blogversary hun!! Love those bunnies, they are so unique, and beautiful!!
The project I would love to do is to make a patchwork quilt. Yes, I have made some before, but I would like to quilt it myself, rather than cheat, and get it hand quilted. This is something you need lots of time for, and I don't have much at the moment.
One day............ : )
Have a great week!

Sharon xx

Marian said...

Happy 100th post. I love your craft, it's totally different from anything I could produce. I love hearing about Yorkshire, my late Dad was from there and I have fond memories of each of the Ridings.

My time is really limited these days as I have two 15 month old boys. If I had the time this year I would spin out the roving I have carded and bagged and then crochet into a king bedspread. I'd like to do it in a shell stitch formation, I've only made a shawl from crochet before. I'm more of a knitter and love spinning.

I'd also like to do the batting and quilting to the I Spy quilts I've made the tops to for the twins. I'd better get a wriggle on with those of the kids will be too big for them. Winter in coming in New Zealand, so a good time to start crafting again.

Leisa said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I love checking in when you leave new posts - lovely. The thing I would so love to learn how to do is crochet those lovely flowers. I would really enjoy that!

Attic24 said...

ooooo I'd LOVE to win a bunny!
I have two things (is that ok?) that are high up on my crafty list of must-do's for this year, two things I'm desperate to try but have not yet managed...
1) a patchwork quilt of some sorts
2) mosaic of some sorts (probably for outside)

I own about ten quilting and mosaic books, and I have the desire, just need to make it happen.

Fi, congrats on your one year milestone, its been such a pleasure trotting along with you this year, and looking forward to finally meeting you next week.
Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I would like to start doing a bit of scrap-booking. I have all the stuff ready to go, but am too busy with the quilt making and sock knitting and blanket crocheting.

Anonymous said...

I would like to start doing a bit of scrap-booking. I have all the stuff ready to go, but am too busy with the quilt making and sock knitting and blanket crocheting.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to get in more posts - honest.

BT said...

Oh those bunnies are super adorable. 100 posts, amazing. Those christmas trees are stunning, I want one too!! I've always wanted to do a huge hanging, really huge, like Tate Gallery size. Lots of dangly strips of paper, hung like a mobile that people can walk through and touch. I hate it when things say 'do not touch'. It's be like a colourful forest of paper. Bliss!! That's me!

Anonymous said...

Lovely bunnies - you're so clever!

Socks are what I'd like to achieve. I've read the books, bought the wool, agonised over the patterns, even got as far as getting the needles out of the packet - but then I get scared and everything gets shoved to the back of the cupboard again!!! One day, one day!

Anonymous said...

Hello you....thought that I'd better leave a comment on such a very special occasion! Still haven't found time to start a blog yet - perhaps when Jemima starts school in September. Thats not my craft ambition though - my craft project is to hand knit a nativity scene before next Christmas - who knows the year afer I might even crochet a tree for it to sit under! Would love to own your bunnies - I miss you so so much. I don't need to leave an address do I?!!! Sam XXXX

Attic24 said...

Hey Fi, me again
I've just spied that Granny blanket on the bed there (last photo)....have you shared this with us before, can we see, can we can we perllllllease???
It looks beautiful
Thanks in advance, soz to be so needy an' all

The Fairy Glade said...

My daughter has loved rabbits since she was, no idea where it comes from really. There are 2 things that I would like to do or be able to do. One is lace making, I would love to master that art and the other, more attainable thing,is to be able to crochet a daffodil. Dev X

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My first visit (but not the last!) to your blog--what luck to find these lovely bunnies! Love the embroidery on them--so cute!! Congratulations on your 100th post, and your blogiversary too!
I would also like to say Happy Mothers' Day to all the UK Mums!! (I'm in Canada and we celebrate in May).
My dream is to make a queen log cabin quilt for our bed, in shades of lilac,lavender etc with cream for the contrast side. I started collecting fabrics about 8 years ago (around the time the twins were born and I have only made ONE of them a quilt--oops!)
Keep up the great work.I have my fingers crossed--but I never win anything ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've only recently discovered blogs (where have I been and how have I coped without them!?!) and I LOVE yours. Maybe one day I will get round to doing my own.
I have so many things I would like to make - curtains and bunting for my kids playhouse, a picnic blanket, a crochet bunny for my bunny-addict daughter, egg cosy for my boiled-egg- addict son... but the thing that I have been meaning to make for such a long time is an apron for myself but I don't really know where to start. I think it may help if I had my own little pretty bunny to sit on my bed!
Happy Blogiversary & 100 posts.
Much love,
Ruth x

Claire said...

Congrats Fi on your blogiversary and thanks for sharing so much with us all. Please throw my name into the hat for one of your delightful bunnies. With winter on the way and the thought of Saturday afternoons in front of the heater, a mug of coffee and rain falling steadily, I would like to embark on a crocheted rug of either granny squares or a ripple rug, Attic 24 has inspired me. (Truth be known all I really want to do is finish everything I start and be successful at them!!) Best wishes for crafting in the future.

Kathy said...

I dream about making...anything and everything, but right now, I would love to learn how to knit and make a pair of felted slippers. And embroider a napkin with crinoline ladies,and crochet a blanket (though I already started that ;)). I should stop dreaming and just do it...

I love your bunnies, btw.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! Just found your blog and love those little bunnies. Should I win, I promise to give them a good home.

Anonymous said...

I'm too late to enter your giveaway but I just wanted to say I loved reading your post. Congratulations on your blogiversary, hope you have many more. that chritmas tree is truly amazing! my ambition is a little smaller (or maybe it's the beginning of making a huge 10 ft christmas tree) I want to learn to crochet. I really, really want to. So I expect I will (eventualy).
Happy Mothers day

thesnailgarden said...

Happy Blogiversary and congratulations on your 100th post. I love your bunnies, especially their heart cottontails.

A craft that I haven't tried yet is quilting, so one day I hope to make a patchwork quilt for our bed. I have already started collecting blue, pink and cream fat quarters.

Best wishes, Pj x

Mandy said...

I have lots of ideas! First I have all the fabric and a sewing machine to make a quilt.... I do scrapbook have done quite a few books.... My all time craft is to learn to crochet. Just love it xx
Happy blogiversay

Anonymous said...

Hey, Me again,.
I've always had a"hankering" to make a tassel out of beads with the top of it adorned with little beaded dragonfly's and flowers, I have a rough picture if it sitting at my desk and i ponder on how it will look when its finished, ..........It looks real perty in my mind....
Happy bloganniversary,

Anonymous said...

I didnt relise that you have already had your mother's day, i just assummed that Mothers day was the same all over the world, lol.
We dont have ours until may.
So Happy belated Mothers day to those who have already had the pleasure and Happy mother's day to those who havent had it yet.............

Julia said...


Im new to your blog today, but Im so glad to have found you - Ive enjoyed looking at your photographs (you live in such a pretty place) and I absolutely adore your rabbits!

Sending love and spring sunshine your way, will come back to see you again soon

Julia xxx

sedna said...

I LOVE the bunnies. They look so cute in a mob, or would that be a den? of bunnies.
yay for 100 posts and blogiversary!