Sunday, 29 March 2009

Black Beauty


It's a beautiful day here in the Dales today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, although it is still very cold. We're going out to our first car boot sale of the year this afternoon. Might have to wear my wellies as it's taking place in the middle of a field. Yes it's very civilised around here, an afternoon boot sale, none of this getting up at the crack of dawn for us!
Wonderful Man and I have been out and about a lot this week, almost every day. 
I had a lovely morning on Thursday, the high light of my week! I met up with Lucy of Attic24 at her Thursday Knit and Knatter session. I had a chatty, hooky, friendly, scrummy couple of hours with people I've never met before, but immediately felt comfortable and at ease with them. It was a bit like being wrapped in a cosy soft granny blanket.
Lucy is just as you would expect from her blog, absolutely lovely, sharing her hooky skills and spreading zingy crochet wooliness all over the table. I'm afraid I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to take any photos but you can see some pics here on Lucy's blog, including the little crochet house I made her. I must just say thank you for all the lovely comment that were left on Lucy's blog. I was overwhelmed. Thank you. x
The photos above are inside a teeny, tiny wool shop in Kendal. I'm glad I don't have to stock take! Can you imagine! I does look rather fabulous though doesn't it?
Well I've waffled long enough and I'm expecting #1 and #2 any moment wanting bacon sandwiches. I just have time to share my latest charity shop purchase with you, as promised.
It's very heavy.

And very pretty.
I'm not sure if it works yet.
It needs some TLC, but it is rather splendid. Well I think so.
Sneaky dog just can't see what all the fuss is about!
After all, She's black, pretty, heavy and second hand!


Tinyholder said...

I have 2 of those old singers, one looks like new and was my great grandmothers - I still have the original receipt for £9!! The other looks like that one and needs some TLC. I love them both, they don't make them like they used to! :-)

Simone said...

I could just throw myself onto those bags of wool! What an exciting shop! I thought the little house you made for Lucy was lovely and most thoughtful of you. Your sneaky dog looks as though he is wearing a beard in that photo!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that dog! Shall look out for her in Hawes! I have an old Singer hand machine upstairs - not such a fantastic sew as with my Bernina, but much more beautiful to look at!

Shabby Chick said...

I think I have a Singer in the loft that belonged to my Grandma, must have a look! The little house you made was amazing, you're too clever miss!

Mel xxx

Bobo Bun said...


I found you through Lucy and I'm glad I did, what a lovely blog full of gorgeous things.

The house you made for Lucy is amazing - really beautiful.


jeane said...

oh, i wish the yarn shop is mine!! i dont mind abit the mess around, lol... im so in love with the yarns. its beautiful.

hope the machine worked well for u.

Anonymous said...

Nice find, I am lucky that my husbands father had an old original singer And the sewing table that went with it, the only thing missing is a belt, but as beautiful as it is i think i will stay with my Janome, lol.
Also totally loved your little house, that you made as a gift to ur friend, Its given me a great idea, I have made a felted Tea cosy and i have never been happy with it, something missing but now i can see flowers embroidered all over it maybe a house as well, thanks for the idea's.....
Be safe

Tillybud said...

And doggy has the cutest little beard thing going on!!

Joanne said...

Hello Fi, sounds like you had a great time with Lucy, I can't thing of a better way to spend a morning drinking tea, hooking or knitting in my case and with friends.

Thank you so much for your donation, the training is going a little slow, so I really need to up my gain.

Joanne x

Julia said...

Hello there!

What a beautiful old machine! I love it! I also am so happy that you had such a lovely time with Lucy, what a treat to meet her Im sure!

Sending you hot tea and fresh baked cookies today, with love

Julia xxx

Lynne said...

What a beautiful crochet house you made. A great looking wool shop!

Marian said...

Snake alive, you wouldn't want to be in that wool shop on a big sale Saturday, you'd be crushed. I've got an old Singer, one of the first to go electric, comes in a lovely case too. Never used but I had to buy it as it's just too lovely for words.