Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Testing my resolution!

Hello from Narnia. Sorry I mean Yorkshire.
Gosh! I think its working already and that's down to you. Yes, YOU!
My New Years resolution I mean.
WOW! Thank you so much for your support and the fantastic response to yesterdays post.
I nearly fell at the first hurdle today, but felt sooooooo bad that I would be letting you all down after all of your kind comments that I dragged myself up to the attic and sat in front of my sewing machine. It was 9.15pm and I really wanted to go downstairs and sit in front of the fire with the rest of the family but your words were whispering to me.
And. I'm sooooo glad they did.
Here are today's offerings. I have to be honest here and say that I was just going to do a couple of little scribbles so that I was keeping my word about the 2o minutes sewing a day thing. Just to keep you all quiet, but this first little scribble lead me to...

this little doodle. Which made me smile and feel a little bit pleased, so this lead me to...

something a little bit more adventurous. Yes I know its not great but that's not important. Remember yesterdays post about the 'creating, creates creativity'. Well that's just what happened (in a very tiny way) because I felt bad at nearly missing a day sewing, all of your comments forced me to go all be it halfheartedly to the sewing machine, I started stitching something mundane and easy for me, just to keep all of you happy, but ended up doing a little bit more and pleasing myself!
(Well done if you're still with me and understood all of that.)
So you see it works! (little smug smile here)
Now I'm sure there were about 7 or 8 of you who said you might join me with this daily sewing malarkey. Yes there was! You know who you are but just to remind you
KC's Court
and not forgetting Lyn and her sketch book.
Hmmmmm... how's it going girls? Have any of you had a go yet? Hmmm?

Next time I'll show you what I made to keep my hands busy and out of the chocolate tin over Christmas. (it didn't work, I'm a woman I can do two things at once!)

Thanks for the support

love Fi x


Jennifer said...

Great job sticking to it. I love the flower on the spotty material. Can't wait to see what else you create.

Bertie Meadows said...

Well done you, I love the portrait. Me on the other hand- I hang my head in shame!
Bertie x

Tallis said...

Well done, looks pretty good to me :) I'm not a sewing person, (at this junction I actually wrote sewer, but as tht could be read several ways I removed it, lol). I'm afraid for my sins I am addicted to yarn of the wooly sort - sewing machines frighten me, unless I am using my handle one.
I'm not a stalker but I do wander in a couple of times.

Keep up the good work

Poppy said...

Well done you…I’m impressed so far!

Maybe I need to be doing the same as you???

Love Lou xxx

lynn said...

i would like to visit narnia..some day.. congrats on your dedication..i knew u could do first day back at work so depends on what time i get home tonite and the temp here at the moment are high 30's and40's...we have an official CATASTOPHIC FIRE ALERT issued on the weather channel and you cannot operate machinery...teehee...i think that refers to farm machinery ..hugs lynnie

GerryART said...

This is my last check of my blogreader before I do some needlework. Which tonight will be a bite of crocheting on a baby ripple blanket.
I am enthralled with both your posies and your portrait. Great scribbles.
Off to spend 20 minutes plus thanks for the poke to get started.

Unknown said...

WOW.. Those look like too much fun. What a creative way to get the mind flowing. I will have to try that. It look pretty hard.....icks

Marigold Jam said...

Well done! It obviously works and I must try it for myself since my motivation and my creative muse seem to have deserted me and I spend any available time faffing about wondering what to create and then doing nothing. I will give it a go and let you know how I get on.


Sandy said...

It's all in the news here (USA) how England is getting hit with heavy snow, cold wintery weather. But the snow looks so pretty in your photos - hope it isn't bad going on your roads.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Rubyred said...

Well done you!I think the hearts look great ,you could use them on cards!I get a bit irritable if I din't 'create 'every day. It could just be a bit of knitting,sewing or cooking,but it helps me feel I've achieved something with my day!Oh Wenslydale does look like Narnia!
Rachel x

Rubyred said...

Sorry, I spelt Wensleydale wrong!

Heather said...

Well done! What a lovely resolution and great to be encouraged by your blog :)


wonderwoman said...

that is really good - i feel inspired to have a go - have never tried freehand before so goodness knows what it will look like!! Now i just need to find my sewing machine which is under piles of fabric and bits and pieces dumped on my table in a pre-christmas rush!!


Lululiz said...

Excellent, its really great you are sticking to your resolution. the portrait is such fun.

Twiglet said...

That's exactly what I hoped would happen! Just an idea but worth trying so you doodled with your machine and something new is created - and all that at the end of a busy day no doubt!!!Well done you. I followed your example but being a retired lady of leisure - lucky me - I had time for something a bit more time consuming. Nip over to my blog if you want to see what I have been up to. Thanks for the motivation!

Julia said...

I think its brilliant - and its also awesome that you have resisted the little procrastination pixies who live in our heads and get us to do other things (like clean cupboards out) instead of the good creative stuff - well done you! a little bit of creativity each day will really make a difference!

Love Julia xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

I made something! Thank you, thank you for giving me a kick start! I am going to try and keep up the this challenge, things are now whorling around in my head because of it so I hope my brain doesn't work faster than my fingers! It took an hour though but I'm pleased with it and enjoyed making it although it wasn't a doodle like yours! Right I'm off to finish Caitlin's car blanket!

Serenata said...

I love your face - I'd love to try embroidery on the machine but not sure quite how to go about it.