Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sofa inspiration

Hello Friends.
Before we get onto sofa goodness. I must say thank you for these two lovely blog awards.
Thank you to Devonaz

Thank you Marigold Jam
I just need to say these two awards come with rules and stuff. I'm afraid I don't do rules on my blog. Sorry. I do rules everywhere else, honest. It's just here I rebel. Sorry again, but even though I don't do the rules part, I really do appreciate the sentiment and though behind them. I just don't understand why if you want to give someone something you have to attach rules to it.
So once again thank you very much girls, I'm truly chuffed.

Sofa Inspiration.

Thank you, thank you, for all of your comments, thoughts and help searching for patchwork sofa covers. You've all been fantastic.
This chair is from Freds World. I really like this one, I think it's the colours. There is nothing here that jars or catches the eye too much and of course all of the fabrics are very pretty.
This one is from Make your way around Britain blog again the colours are all similar, nothing 'too in your face'.

This one is from Vintage Home, quite different to the others. Still floral and patch worked but this one has stronger colours and more contrast.

And lastly this one is from Posy. I love the use of the old embroidered linen and goodness knows I must have enough of those to cover my sofa, but I really don't think this would be hard wearing enough.


Soooo... I think I'm going to go for it.


That's maybe not the right thing to say on a blog, as now there are people out there with expectations. Lol!

I think Esta was right with her comment, when she said I could maybe do with a spotty or check fabric to break up the pattern a bit. Only I don't have any spot or check suitable and for me this project was to recycle the fabrics I already have without incurring any extra costs, apart from a couple of zips.

I think as Martha suggested, I will make it a little more 'organised' (fabric amounts allowing) I'll try and make the patchwork more symmetrical. If I use red on the front of one arm I'll try and do the same on the other one, that kind of thing.

Also I'm going to try and make the covers as fitted as I can, but make separate pieces. I'll make separate pieces for each arm that fit but just tuck well in down the cushion side. Then a separate piece for the back that will tuck in. Hopefully this will look like one big tidy cover but I'll be able to remove it in smaller parts for washing. Does that sound like a good idea? Well only time will tell.

Thanks once again for all of your comments, "for and against", it really has helped to hear what you think especially as a lot of you are seamstresses. I looked at a lots of websites for inspiration and tutorials which have been helpful, and now I'm going to do my own thing. After all, the fabric won't have cost me more than £10 as it's all from charity shops. I will be recycling, it will be a new sewing experience for me and it will make the sofa unique. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll have ready made pattern pieces for new fabric.
Hopefully it will be a win, win situation.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Well all that Internet searching wasn't getting any sewing done. I needed something simple to keep my hands busy. You might remember I acquired this piece of patchwork from the charity shop last year. It's a decent sized chunk but a very odd shape. To make the best use of it, I've started to unpick the hexagons from the top skinny end and restitch them down at the bottom to make a squarer shape.
I decided it would look odd if I started to add new fabrics as these are all from the 1970's or earlier and not the sort of colours or patterns that I have in my stash.

I'm so looking forward to getting it quilted so I can give it a wash, it's a little bit fusty!
Hopefully next time I'll have a little tutorial on 'raw edge machine applique' for you.
See you next time.
Love Fi x


KC'sCourt! said...

I don't do rules either! I thought it wa just me.......... I love that patchwork you found. If it were mine I would study it and try and work out if I could undo it in large patches and re stitch it so it would be some reasonable shape. Are the paper templates with it still?
At the moment I am working on my friends quilt hopeing to finish soon so I resume "normal service"! I will blog it when finish but it is taking a lot longer than my twenty minutes

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out. I love that first chair, it's gorgeous.

Martha in Kansas said...

Oooooh, that patchwork is lovely!
I spent the weekend cogitating on my own sofa, rapidly being shredded by the new kitten. (He may now think his name is NO!) I wondered if I should find the slipcover formerly on it, but remembered how I disliked it. It did not fit properly and was always coming loose, particularly after The Farmer visited and lounged around on it. I wonder if your detached pieces might also rumple up to the top? There must be a way to anchor them under the cushions so they cannot escape. Velcro? Zippers? Ties? Sorry to post worries with no solutions, but it's good to think during the construction process. I'm eager to see what you create!

Lynn said...

I've really enjoyed these past two posts - OK I enjoy all your blog - but these past 2 have been very relevant as I have been planning a patchwork armchair for ages - using mainly my husband's and sons' old work shirts. I have been thrilled each time a shirt has been torn, worn or discarded - I am a sad girl!!

Ester Kiely said...

Go for it! And of course stress not...whatever you choose to do it will work because if will have your own stamp on it.
I like this hexagon's a funny shape but I love that it will be rescued and given a second chance at being loved!
I now have to work on my Auntie's footstool sewing box that I inherited. I want to 'patchwork' it with some of her tapestry, embroidery and fabrics as a tribute to her teaching me to sew. I'll add a photo of it to my blog when it's done.

wonderwoman said...

i just love the second chair but can't wait to see how yours turns out.


Shabby Chick said...

I bet even the doubters will be green with envy when you've finished! I think doing the arms separately is a great idea, when I had a sofa made with removable covers it was always getting the entire thing back on after washing that was the problem and some parts get grubbier than others.

That piece of patchwork you found is very cool!

Mel xxx

GardenOfDaisies said...

I like your idea of trying to make it easy to wash with separate pieces. Can't wait to see what you come up with! The vintage quilt you qre picking apart and resewing will be amazing after you get it the way you want it. I love that you recycle all these wonderful old fabrics!

Jude said...

Am I in the right place??
I would like to join the 20 minuters..please!! I live in Cret and need all the encouragement I can get...
ps Love the patchwork..

Autumn Mist said...

I am so with you on the sofa thing, but thought the second one looked ghastly, not like your fabrics at all! Thankyou so much for the oilcloth website, I am spoiled for choice there, and will take my time to decide. I wasn't expecting so many options!

Julia said...


Glad to find a fellow blogger who is naughty enough to ignore rules, as I recently did (heehee)

Lovely selection of chairs there, think my fave has to be the first...Ive got a yen to find a little stool at the minute, and then make a pretty little cover for it - Im very inspired by your cheery post today!

Much love
Julia x x x

Twiglet said...

Yep - go for it! You seem a bit like me - need to take time to think and look at others work and ideas and then slowly, slowly your brain makes the right links and all that info is translated into your own project.I am sure you will make a fab job of it and really you have nothing to lose and all to gain!! Will love to see it with your little dog cosily curled in a corner1