Monday, 11 January 2010

20 minutes a day.

Hello all.

Today I thought I really must mention all the lovely bloggers who have asked if they can join me in my New Years Resolution. The answer to this question of course is YES. How lovely to have a little group of people all encouraging and checking up on each other.


Now I must make it clear that there are absolutely no rules to this NYR. YIPPEE! Nope, not a one! No pressure at all.


The aim is to spend a little time every day crafting.


Now this can be as little as 20 minutes or 20hours it's up to you, but you need to be consistent and do something everyday.


As to what you do, well that's up to you too.

For me it will be mostly sewing but you are more than welcome to knit, crochet, paint, draw, sketch, finger paint what ever your passion is. It's just important to make that time every day to do it.

Hopefully this will become a habit, a way of life, expanding and developing our skills; enriching our lives in the process. (I don't know about you but I get listless and unsettled if I haven't done something creative or crafty for a few days.)


Now I'm sure there will come a day when I go to my attic and sit in front of my craft table and think, "Hmm...I don't know what to do today, I'm not in the mood."

Well on this day I shall just sew a straight line.

But I WILL sew.

And the next day if I feel the same, I will sew another straight line. I may use a different colour thread, or thickness. I may make my stitches longer. I may alter my tension and do tight little stitches that pucker the fabric, but I will sew. In the end I may have a handful of strips of fabric with different straight lines on them, but here's where the positive comes. I may then stitch all these together and create something new that WILL inspire me once again.

So what I'm trying to say in a rather long winded way is that by just 'doing and doing' things happen and... creating, creates creativity.


Phew! I'll shut up now and introduce you to my fellow '20 minuters'. Please drop by to see what they are doing and give some encouragement.


If you would like to join us, please don't hesitate. As I said, no pressure, it's just a little promise to yourself.

and not forgetting

Vivienne who has no blog but will do a little knitting or crochet every day as "it's good for the soul".
Better go and do my 20 minutes after jawing about it eh!
Fi x


JP said...

I am tempted to join but I'm not good at keeping things up - I will let you inspire me!!! - only just found your blog and I like it!!!!!

Little Miss Crafty *Kerri* said...

I will be too :)

Jennifer said...

I'm very excited, and quite frankly a little nervous about keeping 20 minutes a day up, but I'm throwing myself into it. I'm not sure I'll post the results every day, but I will try to at least do a weekly roundup. Thanks for the challenge.

Pomona said...

And I am just going to do a little bit of knitting and turn my sock heel! It is just what I need after a long day at work!

Pomona x

Sal said...

Hi there..yes add me as I have been crafting each day so far!
love,Sal ;-)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Wow you crafty gals are amazing. I can't wait to see what all you make. I know I would fail at every day. So I'll try for something every month. One of my friends wants to start a monthly crafters club at her house, so I hope to join that. :-)

Marigold Jam said...

It really works! That silly crochet bag for the fat balls I made yesterday has inspired me to make a crochet bag with a fabric lining and I intend to start my 20 minutes as soon as I finish here! Watch this space.

Thank you for suggesting the idea and for starting a sort of Weightwatchers for crafters - hopefully we will encourage each other to keep at it and maybe produce something worthwhile into the bargain. Bon courage girls!


Christy said...

"20 Minutes A Day"

Is what I need to become motivated. As long as I don't spend 20 minutes threading my serger UH!

So please I would love to join in. Will post at least once a week on it.


Lil Bit Brit

wonderwoman said...

still crocheting squares- managing to do 1 a night so far!!! will try and post some pics soon!!


KC'sCourt! said...

I will craft everday, as you say sewing a straight line is good! I suppose my cutting of my hexagon last Friday is a "craft", didn't get any sewing done but cocheted in the evening. I am still trying to finish my grand-daughter's blanket it seems to be taking forever, and I have started another crocheted blanket too, this time the Ripple pattern.
I have a saying - I found it in a book of Samplers it is "Make Much of Time".
Julie x

Serenata said...

Wow your sewing table looks just like mine, complete with laptop, cup and 'crafty bits' ;-)

Don't forget to show your CK bag :-)

Tallis said...

Thank you for the add Fi - xxx.

I have now added pictures to my new blog and I have put a post in there for those that want to learn to crochet or need help - yep I teach crochet, so any person who is part of this fab 20minutes group are more than welcome to come and bend my ear for advice etc. Or just PASS THE WORD...

Once again thank you

Lululiz said...

20 minutes a day is not much, I should be able to manage that. I spend way too much time just thinking and planning and not doing, so yes, please, gimme a kick up the butt, check up on me, I'll try my best to do something each and every day. So count me in! Today I repurposed a hulahoop tin!

Lyn said...

Fi, I had a great day today-ALL day 'playing' got to go back to work tomorrow though!
Still, 20 minutes everyday, scouts honour!
PS I was never in the scouts or brownies or guides by the way!

Vivienne said...

Just completed my daily quota while watching Coronation Street!:)

GerryART said...

Yep, still at it. 20-A-Day ! ! ! !

Claire said...

Hi Fi, greetings from "Downunder", I think you have started something and great to have company along the way. Loving the snow photos and the draw string bags. I shan't be joining in at this stage but will follow along, to see how everyone is going.

Best wishes for a crafty 2010 X

Devon said...

Please add my name to the list,,,so far so good...


lynn said...

hi fi ..add me too might not be sewing but it will probably be sock knitting in front of the tv..or maybe a little crochet..hugs lynnie

French Nanny said...

I'll join - it's no hardship as I think I do something crafty every day anyway... this just means I'll record it.

Twiglet said...

Thats some list of 20 minuters!!! Thanks for the tea cosy idea - will give it a go. Yesterday I went into overdrive and made a bag from a scarf - might blog it tomorrow with a few photos.

Lynne said...

I've been thinking about your New Years resolution and thought I would like to join you too! I tried sewing for just 15 minutes a day sometime last year but it didn't last. I think being able to look at what other people are up to in their '20mins' would be motivating in itself, and I do like Jennifers idea of a weekly roundup if she can't manage a daily posting. For myself I've felt much better these last 2 days after doing a bit of crafting. So I know it does me good!

BT said...

What a wonderful idea - you and your friends are an inspiration. I will lurk on the sideline and try and do the same. xxx

Louise said...

yes yes yes!! good plan miss! my resolution is to keep doing sketches every day to keep the creative juices flowing- to stop making excuses and JUST PAINT SOMETHING andstop stressing about it- and to crochet a blanket square evryday so that i may eventually finish my blanket!

Tracey said...

I want to join in please. I knit and spin ( alot )crochet ( occasionally ) and I am now teaching myself to sew and cook much better healthy meals.

Anonymous said...

Me again sat here eating my porridge. All on my own ahh. My Partner Marcus is out for the day. Can I join always up for a good challenge. Carol
Ps. I do say on my blog no resolutions but it is a little boring.

val said...

I'd love to join! Probably crochet or patching but it WILL be something!

Val said...

Hi again its Val
I should have asked you to add my blog to the blog ring please here it is:
many thanks,