Saturday 23 January 2010

Ta-daa! I made a...

Hello my lovelies.
How are you doing with your 20 Minutes a day hmm?
I must say I have found it difficult some days, but on the whole I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I'm getting done. I know if I hadn't become the 'ringleader' in all this, I would only have managed about 2 days sewing so far this year! Lol! Having to answer to you lot really has made me get up and get my **** into gear.
Any how, I said I would show you what I made with my applique didn't I?

Here is rather a big clue. A magnetic snap fastener!

Yes, a handbag!
Here is the back with my little MarmaladeRose label. It's the same shape as the CK bag only I made this one 2 inches wider.

Ta-daa! The front!
I also made the strap narrower and shorter, stitching it on this time with the buttons just for decoration.

I put some strong card in the bottom so that it didn't sag. (I wish someone could do that to my bottom.) And lined it with a pretty floral, including a couple of little pockets.
Sorry about the wishywashy photos, no natural light!
Do you like it? I'm really pleased with it, but I think I'll have to have another go - I prefer a rounder, squishy shaped handbag.
Here is a little taste of todays sewing session.

I'm afraid I can't show you anymore just yet as it's a little gift for someone special.
I think I'll take you to Aysgarth Falls next time you pop in, then I should be able to reveal my new applique after that.
Till next time
Fi x


willywagtail said...

It's gorgeous. Really love it. Went swimming yesterday in my probably too small togs and realised that they make a great corset so the might also be great as cardboard for derrieres! LOL Cherrie

janjan said...

Is it too late to join the 20 mins group. I reckon with what I have dome this year I'm already through till August. But am finding it hard to get motivation.

Love the fabric for the Bag.


Little Miss Crafty *Kerri* said...

Love it!
I have been doing my best for the little craft a day, must admit when i was poorly i didn't but even on the days i had to do double shifts i was doing a little although it was craft planning which i think is just as important! :) So glad you start this! :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Really pretty handbag! Yes, we did have our first crafting night earlier this week. Most people were either crocheting or knitting, and one gal was hooking a yarn rug. So I am learning to crochet. Before this I only knew how to make a long chain. LOL
It's too hard to cart around a sewing machine to piece quilting blocks, especially when I don't know what kind of table space will be available when I get there. But at home I am working on a small wallhanging quilt for a charity auction next month.

Lilbitbrit said...

I did wonder where you would go with those appliques, but as usual your great creativity has let to a lovely bag.

I'm trying to figure out flikr and will upload some photos. When I have.


Lululiz said...

Fan-blimming-tastic! The bag is fabulous, CK, eat your heart out!

I haven't achieved much today, I tried to make chiffon roses, but somehow I can't get the singeing right, sigh, I singe too much!!! I'll post about my lack of success on the blog tomorrow. x

Jennifer said...

Great job with the purse, it's gorgeous. I know I keep saying it, but I have been getting so much done, especially when I get more than 20 minutes done a day. Whatever you are working on, it is one lucky person who receives that gift.

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely bag. It is wonderful. I am really enjoying the 20 minutes a day crafting.

Vivienne said...

Just love the bag. :) Well done!!!

Sandy said...

I like your bags - very pretty! LOL at your sagging bottom comment - so true!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Devon said...

That turned out beautiful,,and because of all your sewing I finally broke out my sewing maching this week,,thanks again for the great resolution..

Pamela said...

Absolutely gorgeous...and I love the MarmaladeRose label!

Helsie said...

Oh wow It is lovely. I think you have the shape right so that it sits nicely and the applique is lovely. Clever girl.

Jodie said...

Beautiful bag...I'm addicted to making bags and little purses right now and I love the pink!

Carol said...

Wow, that is a seriously beautiful bag! Love the fabric (and the saggy bottom/carboard comment!)
I have to say it puts the CK bag well into the shade.

Bertie Meadows said...

See what you've started? Getting us all going, and thoroughly loving it. It's wonderful, your bag is lovely, it will be hard to part with.
Bertie x

Anonymous said...

Lovely sewing.

Aysgarth falls, it was so dry in August 1983 that you could go and paddle in the middle of the falls, and me 6 months pregnant too.

Never seen that little water coming over them since.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I much prefer your bag to the CK one... its so pretty.. Crumbs I don't think a bit of cardboard would be enough for my sagging rear... I am thinking suspension bridge! lol

x Alex

VintageVicki said...

Wow! Much better than the CK one :)

Am glad I found the 20 minuters :)

Twiglet said...

What a great blog - creative, industrious, instructional, inspirational and funny as well!!! Next week I will be mostly making - raw applique, cardboard reinforced knickers for the under supported!
word verification says - bless!

Annie said...

Really love your bag. If you have any of that card left to stop saggy bottoms I could do with a roll or two :-)
Our 20 Minuters are going really well thanks to you and the rest of the group. Our shelves are now filling really well in the new shop and we have put a gift draw on to say a thanks to all our supporters.
Please pop over to take part and good luck.
A x

Anonymous said...

Like the bag, quirky and great fun!

Lynne said...

That's lovely! You seem to be on a roll with the bags. I'm still loving my 20 minutes a day, only missed Friday as I was out, so I did extra on Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing your applique and Aysgarth Falls, in fact anywhere in the Dales is a joy. Loved the photos you showed of Buttertubs Pass. We had a caravan at the site just at the bottom so were regular visitors to your neck of the woods.

Rachel said...

Hi, I'd love to join your 20 minuters club. I currently sew and knit, and this sounds like a great way to keep those creative juices flowing! My blog is at
Rachel x

harmony and rosie said...

What a clever lady you are - your bag is gorgeous! Finding the 20 Minutes a little difficult over this weekend but am just managing it. Will do better tomorrow - honest!


Unknown said...

Great job. Love all the color, but it's those tag with your name that caught my eye. Very cool.


Anonymous said...

That looks so lovely - a much better size as well!

Makes it more practical as well having internal pockets. I was going to put one in my CK bag, but forgot!

Marmalade Yarns said...

rather fantastic bag, I looked at the fabric pieces that came with the book and put them away! so clever. one day i may have one, but not as good as yours, well done.

Serenata said...

Fi, the 'John' comment was from me, I didn't realise DS2 had 'illegally' logged onto my computer grrr.... Just in case you were wondering about a 'John' making a CK bag ;-)


wonderwoman said...

just a lovely bag and the applique just makes it!


Hen said...

Lovely, well done, Fi. Keep it up!
Hen x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I am really hoping the secret gift is for me as I am loving the snippet of fabric you showed!

As we have never met perhaps it is unlikely I am to be the recipient! Ah well dream on......tee hee!

What gorgeous applique, you are clever,


Shabby Chick said...

That bag is lovely!

This is the first I've heard of the 20 minutes a day though I think it's a great idea. I've probably only done about 20 minutes this year so far :-S

Mel xxx