Thursday, 31 July 2008

Keld to Tan Hill

Went out for another little jolly yesterday. When the weather is fine and the we are all off school (the children) and work (wonderful man and me) I hate to be indoors. It seems such a waste of the day.

So we jumped in the car and headed off to Keld. I love it there, it's only a tiny village slap bang in the middle of the Pennine Way and the Coast to Coast for all you walkers out there.

For me, when you walk down by the river, its like walking through a fairy glen! Every thing is green and mossy, ferns spring up all around you in the shade of the rocks. The dark green is peppered with wild foxgloves and other little floral gems. The river runs rust brown and shallow, inviting you to dip a toe or skim a stone!

look at the way the rocks have formed here, they almost look fluid.

We stopped here for
Two big mugs of tea!

Back in the car on the way home, we took a spur of the moment detour and visited Tan Hill Inn. As you can see from the sign (and from the adverts on the telly for double glazing) Tan Hill is Britain's highest pub at 1732 feet above sea level!
And in the middle of absolutely nowhere! Go on, have a look on Google maps, there's nothing for miles all around!
After donning our waterproofs an braving the wind, we admired the view for all of about, 3 minutes! Extremely blustery, just like on the telly.

Quickly scurrying inside, we found ourselves a nice spot in front of the open fire. (yes it was lit!)
There was notice board outside stating that James May (Top Gear) and Oz Clark ( the wine buff) would be at the pub that day. A little bit of ear wigging over the bar informed us that they were due about 4pm after filming something to do with sheep shearing! The mind boggles! Any way it was only 2.30ish when we'd finished our cokes, so I'm afraid James and Oz had to do without our company. We had bigger fish to fry... wonderful man was cooking chilli for tea!


Sal said...

You do visit some lovely places! Fantastic photos ;-)


I really have enjoyed your wonderful photography and I love the crafts you have displayed!