Thursday, 10 July 2008

It's in the bag!

I was catching up with life over in the Attic24 household, as you do; and was thrilled to see that Lucy has started to crochet a beautiful stripey bag! Now as you know I love bags, especially the home made variety so I thought I would send over a little encouragement to Lucy, not that she needs any, just take a look at her lovely crochet blankets!

I thought you might like to see a couple of my crotchet bags. A little crochet stimulation if you like! They're not as colourful as yours Luce, or as stripey, but texturally a little different.

This one is made from old plastic carrier bags and has a lovely round shape when opened up.
Here is one made from garden twine with some fine mohairy wool added in to make subtle stripes.

This one was made from two old Lycra tops cut into strips and then knotted together, with all the knots left on the outside of the bag. I stretched the fabric as I crocheted, which made the end result quite firm.

Another made from fabric, this time a silky shimmer fabric, cut into one continuous long strip. With all the raw edges left, it has a lovely Boho shabby chic texture.

And finally, this one IS made out of wool, but then I felted it in the washing machine! This makes it look like a moulded piece of fabric, very strong and sturdy.

Well Lucy, I hope you enjoyed my little crochet bag tour. So, even if you one day run out of yarn (highly unlikely I know! lol ) you'll always be able to find something to crochet with!


Funkymonkey said...

Love the bags, especially the wool one - very girly.

Alchamillamolly said...

Oh my goodness - bag heaven - are you going to send these to the Fat Sheep??

MarmaladeRose said...

Nope! These have all, already been sold! Except the plasic carrier bag one and thats mine, I keep wool in it!

Carol said...

Now they are really great little bags! but I have to add that your Bunnies are the best ever! I really love the little girl one in the pink you think Jude would be annoyed if I got him a girlie one!
Carol x

MarmaladeRose said...

Carol, what a lovely idea, 'twins'!

Anonymous said...

Oh Fi, your bags are wonderful, I can't get over them! So unique...very inspiring.

I'm loving making mine, although I think I've made it a bit too big (I got carried away with the stripes and couldn't bare to frog it when I realised how big it had become).
I'm just now practicing making some flowers to decorate it with, very exciting.
Thanks so much for thinking of me, you are such a sweetie :o)!

Rowan said...

How clever you are - I especially like the bag made from garden twine. Love those crochet bunnies too.

Perfectly Lovely said...

Fabulous bags hunny, I especially like the one made from twine...what a great idea! x

Perfectly Lovely said...
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Sal said...

I love all of them!;-)