Friday, 18 July 2008

Apron Love

Aprons! Don't you just love them? I do.

These are my aprons hung on my pantry wall. Well its actually the utility room, but I've always wanted a pantry and since I have some shelves in there with my baking ingredients on, I feel justified in calling it a pantry!
On the left is my old homemade apron using Ikea fabric, the one in the centre is my favourite, a Greengate apron that wonderful man gave me for Christmas. Lastly on the right my latest aquisition from Gisella Graham.
My dads mum always wore a wrap over pinny. The only time I ever saw her without one, was at a family party once when she wore a dark navy dress with sparkly sequins around the neck. She was a rather large lady and unable to walk very far, and whenever we visited, she was always sat in her armchair, in her corner, with all that she needed within arms reach. There was a small table to her left and to her right she had a large tea trolley sort of table, that was only open at her side. What she kept in there was a huge mystery to us children, her handbag was kept under there and boxes of chocolates she'd received months before at Christmas, but other than that a total mystery. She never got up out of that chair, anyone who visited her went to the kitchen to make their own cup of tea and one for her too. Two of my aunties would bring her shopping and do her cleaning for her. So as a child I could never understand why she wore a pinny when she never did any house work or cooking! How did she expect to get dirty!
Maybe thats how I got my love of aprons, or maybe it's just because I'm a messy madam and need to wear one most of the time! Who knows!


Sal said...

I love aprons..especially yours! My Grandma also wore that sort of wrap over pinny ;-)

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi the only thing I have ever won was a pinny when I was a Brownie - and then this week postie brought me a £10 voucher for a competition I entered and I didnt win an AGA ! I now have a voucher to spend at Fired Earth though!! Thanks for visiting