Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dads Hardanger

You may remember back in May I posted some pictures of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday. One was some pretty hardanger shelf edging made by my dad. Well I asked him if he would make me another matching piece for my dresser in the kitchen and he's done just that, isn't it beautiful?

He was having a spot of trouble remembering how exactly he finished off the buttonhole stitch edge, so he sent it to me to finish off! I had no idea how fiddly it was! I'll be glad when its finished and on the shelf, can't say I'll be having another go after this. Anyway its not looking too bad so far, although I've still got to trim the excess fabric from around the edges of the stitches yet!

You watch it all unravel!

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Carol said...

Hi Fi, I have a little something for you - pop over to my blog to collect it..
Carol x @ Katherines Dream