Monday, 28 July 2008

The Forbidden Corner

Helloooo! Now I know it's Monday today, but I'm a bit behind with my blogging so we're going to pretend it's last Friday! OK? Everyone happy with that? Good!

I shall begin...

Today all 10 of us (I have guests at the moment) trundled off to the Forbidden Corner for a day of mystery and magic.

and that's just what we got!

The weather was fantastic and although we are now well into the school summer holidays, the park wasn't too crowded. This was due to the fact that you have to book in advance to keep the numbers down, as about a third of the Forbidden Corner is actually underground!

So I'll start our little journey now if that's OK with you? Oh! By the way, if you've booked to go to the Forbidden Corner, you might not want read any further as it will spoil the surprises!

Between the lips and over the tongue.

Through a secret door.

Around the corner.
Follow the path.

Take care! Don't get stepped on.
Brush passed the flowers.
Along to the...


Down through the woods.
Stop at the cottage,

an odd place to see

a goose that is golden and quite shimmery!
Then down underground

watch out for the rats!
Don't wake the giant!
or disturb this one either,
or you'll be banished below

to meet someone else!
Quick! Back to the surface
and passed the wild boars
then run through another, quite scary door!
Step on the stepping stones,
mind how you go!
Wow! Here's a temple,
with murals galore!
Ugh! This ones ugly, and trapped in a tree!

Oh! It's my daughter, silly old me!

bye for now. x


willywagtail said...

Hello, My daughter would absolutely love to be in that tree with your daughter. Thanks for your reply on posting awards. I looked up your profile and decided that as well as the old age (I am a whole 46) it has to be because of the amount of chocolate we consume!! ;-) Cherrie

French Knots said...

We went years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, I bets it's changed a lot since then. It was a wonderful place and I'd love to go back. Looks like you had a brilliant day.