Sunday, 18 October 2009

What have I been up to?


When the weather is good we like to take full advantage of it up here, because when it's bad it's bad!

This is one of our favourite places. We make a flask of tea and drive 10minutes up (literally) the road. We park up, pour the tea, I crochet and take in the view and

enjoy a couple of hours of peace and quite.

Back home again now. I know I've been neglecting my blog a little, but I hope you'll forgive me as I have been busy. Here is a fabric doorstop I've made. It's for my friend Sarah who has just move next-door-but-one to me and was finding her heavy doors a bit of a pain!

Here it is finished. There's 2kg of rice in there! The fabric is one of Laura Ashley's to match Sarah's roman blinds. Thank you Hen for your help.

I was also inspired by Hens 30's patchwork tea cosy, so here's my version. I gave mine a modern twist by lining it with fluffy white fleece fabric instead of wadding.
Thursday was knitting at school. As you can see we started this knitting at the beginning of term in September and there's not a lot on those needles! There seems to be a lot of chattering and singing, but not a lot of knitting!

So I took an executive decision and decided I should bring the knitting home and do some for the children so that we can stitch up our little purses or monsters (that's what we are making) and get them finished next week before the half term holiday starts.

I've been baking too. Quite seasonal.
Pumpkin Pie!
Well actually I couldn't get a pumpkin around here so I had to use butternut squash.
Here it is waiting to be wrapped in its foil and roasted in the oven.

Ta-daa! And here is the pie. Well I didn't quite get to it in time with the camera! But as you see it went down a treat! You can find the recipe here if you fancy a go. This was the simplest recipe I could find. The recipe asks for a 16oz tin of pumpkin, but I just roasted the squash in the oven until it was tender then scooped the flesh from the skin. Easypeasy!

I've also been enjoying these beautiful freesias that wonderful man surprised me with on Tuesday. He bought them for me because he thought I might have had a rough day at work. (I had to stay and serve over lunches, which I hate!) They smell WONDERFUL! They remind me of our wedding day, I wore them with rosebuds in my hair and in my bouquet. See! I told you he was WONDERFUL.

Hmmmm... big sniff! I've been smelling the freesias and crocheting all these little centres to make a row of squares to go around...

the edge of my 'accidental blanket'.

But most of all we've been snuggling up at home in front of the fire.

some of us snuggling in places we're not allowed when Mum is there! I caught these two having a cuddle when I was out of the room! I won't say who, but one of these two is not allowed on the sofa and they know it. There seems to be a blatant disregard for the rules around here! (Just noticed! A man with the TV remote! That's unusual isn't it!)

Well that's all for today, but look at this box of treasure! I liberated this box from the charity shop.
Would you like to see whats inside?
You would?
Would you?
Ok then, meet me here next time and we'll empty it together!
Thank you all for the Christmas Pudding love.
till next time
Fi x


KC'sCourt! said...

Your doorstop and tea cosy are lovely! Please pleeeeease may I see what in the box.....?
Julie xxxx

silverpebble said...

What a lot of loveliness in this post. That doorstop is gorgeous, as is the crochet blankie. Oh yes. As for that hairy snoozy snuggly hound - we have one like that here. He/she made me smile.

silverpebble said...

How could I forget about the box? I love a sneaky peek at treasure - yes pleeaase!

andamento said...

The rainbow photograph is fantastic! Love the crochet blanket too, and the rest of your blog, just stumbled across it recently. Thanks for sharing!
PS Will be back to see what's in the box!

Diane said...

I am so intrigued - and I used to live in s little village called Pilley!!!!

Lululiz said...

Oooh, just look at that snuggly crochet blanket, beautiful colours, and I love the way you are edging it.

Lyn said...

I have tried to teach my year four children to knit this term-hard work and lots of holes but they have enjoyed it!
Glad you are back, just putting you on my blog as I have given you an award!

Lyn said...

Not that far from you-the view was of the moors near Rishworth going towards Denshaw and the M62 is in the distance!

Joan said...

Lovely doorstop,lovely material. A lady of many talents I see. Makes me feel quite inept surrounded by all you clever ladies.

carole williamson said...

Hi Fi, Its Carole from Lancashire.
That pie looked yummy. The views in Wensleydale a beautiful i love it.
Can`t wait to see what`s in the box.
Love Carole xxxxxx

Funkymonkey said...

The doorstop looks wonderful, your friend must be very pleased with it. I'm looking forward to seeing the contents of that intriguing box.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely post Fiona and lovely goodies too.
Interestingly re height of Hawes - it is exactly the same height above sea level as Leyburn I am told. We came through yesterday on our way to Ravenstonedale for lunch - plenty of motor bikes around still. A bit damp too but quite pleasant. Would love toknow what was in that box!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
Your rainbow pictures is, well, picture perfect!! I can see why u love the tranquility of the countryside, Its just as i can imagine, if only one day i could visit, Sigh!!
As for ur craftiness you have been busy, and how thoughful for your hubby to think of you, that should make up for him being on that lounge, he he he.

Tracey xox

Anonymous said...

Oh........ and i cant wait to see ur treasure's in the box, sooo exciting.


Aussie Maria said...

Love the blanket and the box is so very, very enticing. And the rainbow photo is wonderful

Kim said...

Just found your beautiful blog - love the doorstop and also the delicious Christmas pudding from the previous post - thank you for sharing x

karen said...

oooh that box look's very interesting I can't wait to have a look ( I know I'm very nosy hehehe)
I am loving the colours in that crochet blanket hunni Whay yarn are you using.

tania said...

I LOVE your new blanket, it's wonderful !!!

niaouly said...

Bonsoir je t'écris de France et je viens de passer un excellent moment sur ton blog.
J'ai particulièrement aimé ton bloque porte réalisé dans un somptueux tissus fleuri.
Malheureusement je ne parle pas anglais et me suis servi du traducteur pour pourvoir goûter au délice de ton blog.

Bonne fin de semaine