Thursday, 2 April 2009

Catching up with time...

Good morning, it's 8:25am and I sitting here in the kitchen all by myself. The children have gone off to school. Wonderful man has gone upstairs to work, even Sneaky dog has gone to lay on the landing. It's just me and Terry Wogan (radio 2). The washing machine is churning and the clock is ticking. I'll just say, the kitchen doesn't look like the picture above. Yes that is my kitchen but as I sit here, it looks nothing like that! It's the normal breakfast time chaos like thousands of other kitchens at this time in the morning, but that's the only pic I have available for unplanned blogging.

You remember a couple of posts ago that I was moaning about time slipping through my fingers. Well, on the spur of the moment I've decided we should have a quick catch up; just so you know I've not been sat on my ample bum doing nothing. So here are some of the little projects I've been doing over the last couple of weeks.

The picture of the bunny and cat are a couple of test patterns for the children at school. I'm going to teach them how to knit after Easter so I needed something simple. These two patterns are courtesy of the Internet I will find the links to them for you, but just not now. They are really simple, the rabbit being just a tension square. Here is the link for the cat pattern, there is some bad language in the post.

I've also been crocheting little covers for fairy lights, make sure you use 100% wool if you have a go at this, I don't want you going up in flames!

Then I made my mum a card for Mothers Day. That's fabric stitched onto the card.

I wanted to make her an apron but it just didn't happen, so I bought her a nice Greengate one and embroidered her a little love message on the front.

I quite like hand embroidery.

I've made myself a new bag. I'll try and remember to take a pic of the finished article, that would be much better wouldn't it.

This is some hand embroidery for some new bunnies.

And lastly because I'm going to be late for work, this years nursery is right outside my attic window. Aaaaah.

We've got lots of visitors coming to stay over Easter so I'm sure we'll be having another catch up post when its all over!

Enjoy your Easter. Love Fi x


Sal said...

What a gorgeous kitchen!
I love your hand embroidery too!!
Have a lovely day ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

I want your kitchen!!! It's so lovely.

That apron is so sweet, I bet your mum was really touched by that, I know I would have been! The other embroidery is looking wonderful too.

Mel xxx

Simone said...

You make beautiful things! I really like the kitten and bunny. They are so cute!

Julia said...

I also want your kitchen, its beautiful!! :)

Love the little fairy light covers you are making, what a wonderfully original idea!! Its now on my inspiration list - which is getting ridiculously long but I cant help myself!

Love Julia xxx

Gill said...

I want your kitchen too, standing in line...similar layout to mine just much bigger! You've been very creative, I love everything especially the crochet fairy lights

Lisa said...

What a lovely and peaceful Kitchen! Yea for hand embroidery and I could sit and look at the little sweet one all day long...:)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Pleased to see it is a Swaledale sheep and lamb your have photographed Fiona.
Love your little bunnies down the side of your blog.
Said hello to your Millie Moo bunny again this morning.

Curlew Country said...

What a fabulous kitchen, even with breakfast chaos I bet it's lovelier than mine!

Your projects realy are inspiring. I keep stopping and starting with crochet and embroidery but you've spured me on. The fairy light covers are wonderful and the bag's going to look fabulous. oh and I've fallen in love with the little cat - adorable.

Really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.

Marian said...

Oh I want your kitchen, I love that style. I'm going to show the Husband now, he's promised me a new one when the kids are three and have trashed the old one.

Summer by the sea said...

I agree, your kitchen looks lovely, and the apron you made for mothers day is lovely too, I quite like freehand embroidery too - Natalie X

Poppy said...

Hello my dear, what a gorgeous kitchen!
Everything you seem too make is beautiful, and you have not let me down, I love it all, you are one clever lady. :0)
Love Lou xxx

thesnailgarden said...

A very inspiring post. I already have the pattern for the rabbit, must get the cat one - thank you. Love the fairy lights and embroidery.

Happy Easter, Pj x

Carol said...

Gosh I have not visited for a while...your kitchen is lovely.
As I read your post I spotted those cute Bunnies again...I must order one for myself !
Your work is so lovley.
Carol xx