Monday, 1 December 2008

Catching Up.

Thank you soooo much for all your lovely comments and get well wishes. It really does lift ones spirits to think that you all took time out of your busy lives to wish us well. It's like getting lots of little mini hugs.

I'm much happier than last time we chatted. Child #1 is rather happy too. Well wouldn't you be, with a week off school! He's thoroughly taking advantage of his new disability. He's got his little sister chasing back and forth after him, fetching drinks and making toast. (he says he can't spread the butter one handed.)
Today I think I need to do some catching up, or tidying up. I' seem to have lots of bitty bits to share with you. So cast your minds back to the week end before last. WM and I had one of our little jaunts out. It was a lovely cold crisp day, with plenty of sunshine. We visited all of the charity shops.

Had fish and chips for lunch, which we worked off by climbing the castle. We popped into this little antique shop in the market square,called Finishing Touches and nearly bought a very large mirror. We also visited this exhibition of lovely patchwork quilts by Sue Jones, ( I do hope that's right) which were displayed in the foyer and bar areas of the local Theatre.

I didn't take pics of them all, as I'm using my daughters camera and it only has a very small memory card, a bit like me really.
I liked this one best of all, I think it's the squares. I do like patchwork squares.
Now cast your mind forward to the morning of last weeks little trauma! This is the craft project I was photographing. I had some little pieces of felted woolly jumper left over from the friends challenge and the Love bag. So I thought I'd make some more heart decorations. These are a little bit smaller than the original ones I made, but they're still stuffed with cloves and smell wonderfully Christmassy. I did flirt with the idea of opening a Folksy shop and popping them up for sale, but I think it might be a bit late now.
I'm starting to catch up now. This weekend, we stayed at home,
It really was far too cold
and frosty

to venture very far.
At last we're up to date! This is what I've been doing today.
Playing with all the squares for child #2's patchwork quilt. You remember? The one I started to plan back in erm... August. Child #2 and I randomly spread the squares out on the spare bed in the attic, and then when she wasn't looking I randomly fiddled with them a bit more! (ssh! Don't tell her.) I've just started to sew them together.
So that's me, all up to date now. Wow it feels good. I must just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, who is 40 today. x
And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my father in law for yesterday. x
till next time.
Fi x


Gem said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day :) Hope your son is much better now

Maggi said...

Glad to hear that your son is on the mend. Your little hearts are lovely - I can almost smell them from here

Carol said...

Wow, I really love your folksy bunting, the little hearts are so cute and so neat.
I see your little bunnies on your sidebar and always think how sweet they are.
It is nice to get for a day, I stay in so much during the winter, but I rather like it. Then a lovely day out blows aways all my cobwebs.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

good morning
i use d a translate thank you for this nice photographs who fons me so much happiness thank you pôur promenade felicitations for the decorations of noelI am enraptured that your daughter is better, thank you also for the photographs of patchwork I think that your coverage goes etre very pretty I also j love patchwork I am spirit to make in log cabin for mafille j have 100 ensconce has make, etje also embroider abecedairesw
week end check has has you and your family look after too amicably

Unknown said...

Hi - I found your blog via Bunny Mummy and love it! really inspirational.