Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Stitch in the Ditch.

Can't stop! Just wanted to pop by and get my blogging fix.
Too much stitching to be done!
Can there ever be TOO much stitching?
No time to think about it now, must keep my foot to the floor and my fingers out of the way.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and I'm sooo looking forward to catching up with you all.


Sal said...

Your patchwork looks beautiful! ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

Really gorgeous patchwork! I absolutely love the rose paisley fabric but I've never been able to get hold of any :(

Mel xxx

roseroomnz.com said...

That looks beautiful! Rachaelxo

Joanne said...

Wow what some lovely fabric your working with. It looks beautiful.

Gem said...

Gorgeous fabrics, so pretty :) x

Simone said...

Some beautiful fabrics you are using there!

Lesley's Creations said...

Hi Fi. What gorgeous patchwork! Are you set for the challenge take up again? Is it my turn to set the next one? All the Very Best for the New Year. We must defo' meet up. Hugs xx Ps I'm just putting the tent up now!!!!!!

Poppy said...

Hi, beautiful patchwork!!!
I see you have made felted bags, they are gorgeous, I think I need to spend less time reading blogs
And more time felting and crafting.

Thank you, I feel very inspired now!!!

Love Lou xxx