Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas preparations and a little of the white stuff.

Brrrr! Here in North Yorkshire we've had some very wintry weather today.
It's quite refreshing actually to have snowy wintry weather in December. Maybe there is really a chance that we might have snow on Christmas Day this year! I took my camera with me on my walk to work this morning. Watch out for snow flakes, it was snowing all the way! Are you ready? Get your wellies on and your hat and gloves. Mind you don't slip!

The snow plough had just cleared the road.
Behind the houses you can usually see hills, too much snow today though.

The Swaledale sheep are well equiped for the snow.

Nearly there. Our destination is through the trees.

When I got home from work the children had brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic. (No school today, the school bus couldn't get through the snow) And it appears to be my job every year to undo all the branched on the tree, (yawn!) and wrap the lights around,(yawn!) then the children decorate it (much excitement!).

Do you remember Pippa dolls from the 70's?
She makes a perfect homemade fairy for the top of our tree.

The Christmas tree skirt. I made this from a Bucilla felt kit back in 2003, it took me about two and a half years!

There are hudreds of tiny felt pieces decorated with sequins and beads.

Rudolph, was also a Bucilla kit, I just couldn't resist him. He looks so cheerful on the kitchen door. I've got a couple more kits stashed away somewhere... unfinished. One day.
A quick update on child #1. His arm is healing well now, no more surgery needed. Just the plaster cast for a few weeks. They've even chopped a bit off. (the cast, not his arm) So it's back to school, well it will be when the bus can get through!
till next time, take care. Fi x


Sal said...

Did York have snow? If so, we just missed out when we visited.
I love your tree skirt!
Lovely pics too. Brrrrr! ;-)

LinenandRoses said...

Love all those snowwy pics. I really miss the snow. We hardly ever get any down here in Oxfordshire. Growing up in East Yorkshire we used to have snow every single year. Just a bit of frost for us these last few days. Love the Christmas tree skirt and yes I do remember Pippa. Don't know what happened to mine. She makes a great fairy.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh what beautiful pictures, they could all be Christmas cards... I love the fabric skirt for hte tree and rudolph is gorgeous, I think I might make a fabric skirt but perhaps add something to it every year. I usually place presents around the bottom of the tree but Danny is getting very excited about Christmas so it would probably be too tempting for little fingers!

take care and fantastic new regarding your young one.


Mrs J said...

Hi Fiona, glad that someone's getting prepared for Christmas, can you send a bit of your organisation this way please!
Your photo's are lovely. Like everyone I suppose I love to see snow when it is like that but hate it as soon as it turns to slush! We've had nothing down here in Swindon and I must admit I'm quite relieved!
Glad to hear that child #1 is on the road to recovery.
By the way the rest of your felt hearts in your previous post look gorgeous - not bad from a jumper! I suppose we'll pick up the friend's challenge in the new year as things will be a bit hectic for all of us now. At least it will give us something to look forward to!
Have a lovely weekend.
Sarah x

Maggi said...

The tree skirt looks great. Love the snowy pics beautiful but it can be a nuisance. I was meant to go to Hebden Bridge yesterday to see an old friend but she warned me off as they were snowed in.

Anonymous said...

merci pour ces belles photos du yorkshire sous la neige moi cela me fait tres plaisir
merci aussi pour les photos de patch
je fais du patch et du points de croix et cela m occupe beaucoup maintenant que je ne travaile plus

Anonymous said...

je suis ravie aussi pour votre fille qui va mieux
passez un bon week end en famille
prenez soin de vous


Ali Watson said...

I have been making this very same tree skirt for 8 years!! Shame on me. you have inspired me to finish it for next year. Fab blog!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Fiona
Thanks very much for the Christmas card with beautiful tree heart , love the blog keep coming back now and again
carol x