Sunday, 2 November 2008

Friends Challenge

I'm a little late with this post, but hey, better late than never!

As you already know, each month my lovely friends, Lesley and Sarah and myself take part in the 'Friends Monthly Challenge'. It's a little textile challenge we take in turns to set for each other. There is no pressure to take part, but its a good way to try something that maybe we have never done before, and also a good way to keep in touch as we all live miles and miles apart.
This month the challenge was to make a Christmas decoration using a felted woollen jumper and some jingly bells.
So, thinking cap on.
Firstly a trip to the charity shop for a wool jumper to felt
Then give wool jumper a couple of boil washes in the washing machine, incorporating sneaky dogs new rubber ball for a bit of agitation. (sneaky dog not too pleased about this)
Thinking cap starting to feel a bit tight now.
For months now I have wanted some bunting, you know the stuff, pretty floral triangles strung together. Well being a Yorkshire woman, I wasn't going to buy any when I could quite easily make some myself. Only, you know what its like, I've never actually got around to it.
Thinking cap really squeezing now.
I know I'll make some Christmas bunting with my jumper. See sketch book page below.
After a lot of procrastination and a little doodling, I decided that one jumper wasn't going to make much bunting and if I made individual decorations instead, they could go to the craft stall at the school Christmas Fayre. Feeling quite smug with myself now for getting ahead with school fayre stuff, it's usually a last minute, night before rummage for something passable to send; I removed the thinking cap altogether.
So here are my felted jumper decorations.
Only three I'm afraid.
I've thought I'd have a bit of an American Primitive theme.
Please note the use of jingly bells at the bottom of each heart.
Oh, I nearly forgot, each one is stuffed with cloves to smell Christmassy.

I might just have time to make a couple more before Lesley sets the next challenge.

You can see Lesley and Sarah's challenge decorations here and here.

bye for now.

Fi x


Mrs J said...

Fiona, these are so cute! Love them! It's deceiving isn't it, you set off with a good sized jumper that you think you'll get plenty out of, then once it's shrunk, so are your options! You've done well with these though and I love the jingle bells! Looking forward to finding out what Lesley is going to challenge us with (providing she's not too busy!). Thanks for your lovely comment about my wreath, I'll see what I can do about a flower tutorial! And suprisingly it didn't take too long to make! Here's to more successful 'Friend's Challenges'!
Hugs Sarah x

Lesley's Creations said...

Hi Fi. These are sooooooo cute, and what a lovely finish to stuff them with cloves. I can smell them from here. I love the odours of Christmas. You've missed your award on my blog! Will let you know about the next challenge. PS. Great felt tutorial.

willywagtail said...

Ooo! what a great idea. I have felted a horrible pale grey jumper for my first attempt - maybe I could do something similat to your idea. Thanks Cherrie

Kathryn said...

Dear Fi,
Love the felted hearts, I'm going to try some.
With Smiles

Maggi said...

These decorations look great and the perfume of the cloves must make them really special for Christmas.

Simone said...

I love your felted hearts! I could imagine seeing them on a page in Country Living Magazine. I must try and make something along those lines. Thanks for the inspiration. I really like your sketchbook ideas too!

LinenandRoses said...

Great decorations! Love the idea of stuffing them with cloves. Such a lovely Christmassy smell. Hope they sell well at the School fair.