Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Things I've been making.

Hello. How are you? Well I hope? Good.

Before I do anything else, I want to say thank you for all you lovely comments. I do love getting comments on my blog, it's so exciting. It's like having lots of friends popping back and forth for coffee and a chat, but without the coffee.

On my last post, Anonymous asked what type of yarn I am using for my crochet granny squares.
Well, after a lot of deliberation and searching of the interwebthingy, I decided I really didn't want to end up paying £80 or more for wool. Definitely not for a granny square blanket anyhow. I've always believed that these were originally made,(much like patchwork) to use up left over balls of wool and old jumpers unravelled and reused. After eyeing up my stash of old odds and ends of wool I decided that It would be a fairly grotty looking blanket if I used them, so I plumped for the middle ground.
I went along to my local Boyes Store (cheap and cheerful for those of you who don't have one) and bought balls of Sylecraft Life 100g, dk, 75% acrylic and 25% wool, for £1.99. It's a good all-rounder, washable, tumble dryable, soft and with that little bit of wool, it'll be warm. All in all, I won't be too precious about it costing the earth, and everyone will like using it.

Here is some other stuff I've been making recently.

This is my new hat.
Brown because I've just bought a brown winter coat.
Woolly because I had 2 balls of rather nice wool from the charity shop.
Crocheted because I've never crocheted a hat before and I like a challenge.
Bobbly because... well, like I said, I like a challenge.

Itchy as hell, because it's all wool and now I need to make a soft fleecy lining for it!

Till next time. Fi x


LinenandRoses said...

Oh I used to love Boyes when I lived up north! How I miss it. Always a great place to go to look for cheap fabric and always where I bought my gingham from. I used to shop in the Beverley one but sometimes we would feel brave and go to the really big one in Hull! Definitely a good place for a bargain. I hope that building is not going to block your view any more as it is so lovely.

Sal said...

I love your crochet,especially your hat! ;-)

Kathryn said...

Fi, Your hat looks lovely, now when it gets really chilly you must model it for us with your new brown coat. Bunny looks sweet.

Sarah said...

oh my goodness Fi, how busy you've been! Sorry I haven't seen you in ages, barely saw anyting of you even when we moved Sarah in. Spent last Monday kicking my heels and feeling hacked off... should have called in to see you for a inspiration injection and coffee! See you soon, Sarah