Tuesday, 28 October 2008

London Adventure Part 2

Gosh! Yesterday's post was a bit wordy. I don't want to bore you all rigid with my holiday snaps, so I think we'll try and keep it simple and streamlined today. Here goes...

Up and out early this morning. Top of the list, The Tower of London.

Beautiful buildings.

Lots of these smart gentlemen.

Beautiful carvings, all done by prisoners kept in the tower.

Day 3, another crisp sunny day and the Victoria and Albert Museum
Lots of blurry photos taken here. ( I was so overwhelmed)

Beautiful gowns, recognise this one?

Love this style, Made one similar to wear for work a few years ago, but that's another story.

How gorgeous is this ?

This is the original frontage of the museum, now part of a courtyard garden.

Wow! Can you see the people at the bottom centre of the photo!

A very quick dash around the Natural History Museum, before it closed.

And then

Leadenhall Market

We also managed to squeeze in a walk around the Science Museum, and Covent Garden. Not bad really for two and a bit days.

Oh, and lastly, something I'm quite proud of... I crocheted on the plane and on the tube, YEAY!


Kathryn said...

Loved your photos took me down memory lane.
The Victoria & Albert Museum, is such a facinating place. Visited there in 1992, on a fleeting visit.
Yes of course everyone would know Princess Diana's beautiful dress, and how beautiful she looked in it.
Thanks for the tour.
Kathryn in the Loft

Lesley's Creations said...

Hi Fi
Wow what a busy few days! Looks like you had great fun and just the two of you, how lovely! And your right I don't believe you when you say you didn't buy anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooo the
V & A must pay a visit! Its years since I have been. Thanks for the taster tour. Big hugs xx

Sal said...

Looks like you had an action packed time! Lovely photos ;-)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love all the history and art and architecture, I can however live with out the madness that is London, every time I have visited I have come home with a pounding headache... what beautiful photos and well done cramming so much in...

cheers Alex

sadie said...

wow,I love your photos. Oh yes, recognized Pricenss Diana's dress, I always liked that one.

I'm so glad I came across your blog this morning. I'm a fellow Brit too (East Anglia). I'm going would love to send you an invite to my diary, but can't see an email address. If you would like (and it would be lovely if you had time to visit), drop me an email at mulberrystreetgraphics@yahoo.co.uk so I can send you an invite. It's always a treat to find another Brit online and blogging. I do a few crafty bits too, but nothing as good as your cupcakes. I work mainly with felt, and made some felt cakes earlier on this year following Betz White's ideas. Her's were cupcakes, but I altered the idea slightly and made mine into petit fours. My little girl loved playing with them, so I'm in the process of making her a stash of felt cakes and biccies.

I'm rambling. Just wanted to say hello, and pleased to meet you. My blog name is http://roses-and-teacups.blogspot.com, and I am Sadie.

Have a great day.

Carol said...

It really does look as though you have a wonderful time in London...I do love London, although all I ever say is I want to get away from London, it is a very diverse City, never boring.
Happy Anniversary to you Both.Hugs,
Carol x

sadie said...

thanks for your email! Nice to meet you too :O) I sent you an invite.

Have a lovely Friday, and a great weekend