Monday, 27 October 2008

London Adventure Part 1

We're back! And what a lovely time we had in London. But before I go any further I just want to say thank you so much for all the good wishes you sent me for my little holiday. It's so lovely that you should take the time to leave a comment on my little blog. Thank you.

But even more importantly, thank you to my parents for keeping an eye on our children for us, not to mention walking sneaky dog and feeding manky cat.

Oh, we had a fantastic time, very tiring but fantastic.

The excitement started the minute we left home. As we set off on Monday morning the weather was decidedly nasty. ( Yes I have to admit the photo I left on my blog was actually taken a couple of days before we went away. Caught out, oh the shame.) We had to carefully navigate our way through several flooded roads, crawling slowly through the deep water. Wild and woolly it certainly was. The rivers were swollen and racing, tumbling and crashing over the rocks. Sheep were sheltering anywhere they could, against rocks, behind grassy mounds. Would we get to the airport? Would we get to the next village? But it was beautiful; raw and exhilarating, but beautiful.
I gave a mental wave to Lucy of Attic24 as we drove south through her little town.
After a little bit of a bumpy flight, though not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and a speedy journey on the aptly named Heathrow Express, we arrived at Paddington Station. Bustling along with everyone else we navigated our way by tube to our hotel near Russell Square. I do like the tube, it's difficult to get lost, it takes you more or less straight to where you want to be and as an added bonus, you get to sit and stare at every ones footwear. Wow! Did I see lots of nice shoes!

We checked into our room and dumped our bags, then straight back out again, not a minute to waste. Back on the tube to Sloane Square to search out V V Rouleaux. All very nice, beautiful ribbons and trims, but it was soooo darned hot in there, I couldn't wait to get out again. Sorry, no photos as they were meanies and wouldn't let me take any pics for you. Now you may not believe what I'm about to say, but... I didn't buy anything! No not a thing, no ribbon, no braid, no tassels, no beads, no feathers, no sparkly stuff, nothing. I think there was so much I would have liked to have had a meter or two of, but nothing that I actually needed. (not that, that has ever stopped me before) Maybe it was jet lag, yeah that must have been it, that 50 minute flight, addled my brain. This is the best I could do photo wise. A snap from outside in the street.

Next was the search for Cath Kidston. Well not her personally, but one of her shops. Once again, no picture taking was allowed. Yeah, disappointing I know. Now this shop was also full of scrumminess. Everywhere I turned I was bombarded with CK retro perkiness. Wonderful man gallantly left me alone to peruse at my leisure, retreating to the normality of the Prince Regent public house on the corner. I carefully circumnavigated the sales floor several times, inspecting and scrutinising, touching and stroking. I descended the stairs, once again making several sweeps of the lower sales floor, mentally logging colour combinations, searching the mental Christmas list, who would appreciate a CK lip balm? And shall I tell you something? Quite frankly I was a little disappointed. When it came down to it, there wasn't anything I actually wanted to spend my hard earned cash on! The stone roses bucket bag that I'd been drooling over for weeks online, was rather stiff and heavy. No I'd rather spend the £40 somewhere else, even the crochet granny square blanket I'd coveted online, looked nylony and thin with several stray ends sticking out.
Back outside it was dark and drizzly, hussly and bustley, London lights shimmering in the wetness. I joined Wonderful Man in the pub. His eyebrows levitating slightly at the lack of carrier bags. We found a dark cosy corner and ordered some deliciously unhealthy pub grub. Tired limbs and full tummies we sat and watched the world go by feeling sleepy but happy. We took a slow walk back to our hotel down Marylebone Rd, passing Regents Park and Tottenham Court Rd, back to Bloomsbury and our longed for pillow.
All in all a good day.
I'll try and regale you with some more of our London adventure tomorrow, but before I go, I leave you with this picture of the rather grand unisex toilet in the Prince Regent. Changing Rooms eat your heart out!

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