Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Happy, Happy Cupcake, Happy!

Hello. I'm so excited! And I'm not really sure why. Maybe I'm just having one of those 'High on Life' days; or it could be that I'm going to London for a couple of days next week with wonderful man to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.


It could just be that I've been sewing, sewing, sewing and I'm really pleased with what I've made. I think a lot of the pleasure has come from the challenge. I've had to work out and design my own pattern, which meant squeezing my poor old shrivelled up brain, trying to remember the Pi r squared thingy from junior school maths (now who have thought that they would ever need to use that in real life eh! so maybe there is still hope for algebra and equations! ) so I could make a circle the correct size for my needs. It wasn't pretty to watch I can tell you. There was much rubbing out and screwing up of paper, not to mention compass twiddling.

And all to make...


Hell! They've been fiddly!

Especially this bit: I tried stitching the bottoms on with sewing machine at first. It took about 30 minutes and much swearing! Any tips here would be gratefully received.

I wanted my cupcake to be quite realistic in shape, ie the case to be wider at the top than the base, not to look like a chopped off toilet roll tube!

Then there was the size of the cake part: I didn't want it overflowing like a large American muffin. (Not that there is anything wrong with American muffins, but this is a British fairy cake or bun. Small but perfectly formed.)

Next came the best part. Oh, the excitement! What trimmings should I use? Buttons or sequins, beads or ribbon, rickrack or lace? Should they look realistic or just fluffy and over the top?

Decisions, decisions!

It's no good. I can't wait any longer. I've got to show you them NOW.


I feel ridiculously happy with them.

And they're completely CALORIE FREE! WHOOHOO!!!

Remember yesterdays utterly gorgeous glass cake dome? Looking a little sad and empty?

Here it is today modeling this seasons latest in cupcakes.

Aaaah. I'm all cupcaked out now.

All smiley and happy!


Anonymous said...

ho ils sont superbes ces jolis gateaux
et en plus pas de probleme pour la ligne donc que du plaisir
a tres bientot

Pink Feather Paradise said...

They look wonderful, well done and what a fiddly job they looked.... what are you going to do with them now? are they to be sold or kept or gifted?

Cheers Alex

Alchamillamolly said...

They are beautiful - well done are they going to the Fat Sheep shop? I think Alan is hoping to get to the viewing before tha auction if he can we are looking for some more chairs, probably one carver and two dark wood chairs to go with the new table preferably slat backs. Night night

Miriam said...

Oh - these are wonderful - they look good enough to eat!! I'm not surprised you are so pleased with them - you're so clever!!

Alchamillamolly said...

Right here are some upholsterers. I went to college for my City & Guilds with Carol Kirk who advertises classes but her husband does upholstery - 01677 424793 - tell her I sent you! Catherine from Brompton - curtains!! There is also 'Take a Seat in Northallerton round the corner from CB 01609 783919. Did oyu ask CB for a price? There is also John Wetherills on Anchorage Lane 01609 774935. You know ifthey are only stapled on the back you could both do them I am sure!

Maggi said...

The cakes look great and are so tempting. You have a lot of patience to have made so many

karen said...

They look soooo yummy!! Where can I buy one please?

Mrs J said...

Hi Fiona, just wanted to say your cupcakes look wonderful! You've certainly been busy! They look great together on your stand and good enough to eat!
Hope you're making progress with this month's challenge?! I've made a start but need to get my skates on! Looking forward to the reveal. Take care
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Look so yummy, love the icing detail on tops,

Attic24 said...

These are quite simply beautiful!
I just LOVE the way you've used the beads to decorate, those sweet little pink flower beads are making me go weak at the knees! Bet you have a fabulous bead stash, care to share it with us sometime??
Are cakeies for sale??
They look very saleable to me.

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

These are absolutely fantastic - wish I had an ounce of your talent :)

val said...

Hi Fiona, I have been trying to find how you do your gorgeous cakes and then stumbled on this post - OH MY! Aren't they just something else! Do you sell them or do you sell the pattern?
Can't wait to see the wedding cake now! Wow!
I have so enjoyed my cake with no calories :0)
Val xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

Oh wow, I could just eat that chocolate one with the sprinklies on!

Rosali said...

Gracias por compartir el tutorial de los cupcake. Saludos desde Mèxico.