Thursday, 4 September 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time!*%~#

Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time, buying this dress for a wedding in a couple of weeks. I even managed to get a dip dyed wrap to match. Lovely I hear you say. Ah but what about the shoes?

Yes the shoes!

Very kindly my mum offered to help search and search we did. All of the city centre for either navy or green shoes, to no avail! I don't mean there weren't any I liked or that fitted, no there were none at all! Plenty of black, wine, burgundy, red, you name it. Next wonderful man and I searched a local city centre, guess what? No navy or green shoes to be had there either. So undeterred I purchased a pair of cream satin shoes thinking I could maybe somehow colour them myself (stupid woman I hear you snort) and yes you would be right!

I did try to buy some shoe dye but the obvious places didn't have any for satin shoes. For leather - yes, suede - yes, canvass - oh yes, yes, yes! Satin - no, no, no!

Never mind it'll be okay. This was my mantra on the way home in the car. I stashed the shoes away until today.

And I have to say, it's not looking good!!!

This is the dress and matching wrap, the colour is more greeny at the bottom of the dress than it appears on here.

These are the shoes, a bargain I must admit, but they'll only be a bargain if I make them look good!

Then I did this to them... not good!!!

I also did THIS to them... even worse!
Now I'm waiting for them to dry before I abuse them any more. I'm thinking dark blue marker pen next, and when that fails I'll have to resort to this lot...
Ideas? Anyone? Pleeeease?


Unknown said...

Oh crumbs you are gonna think I am crackers, but I do like the tie dye effect of, the blue and the green. Wait until tomorrow before you do any more.
Rosie x

Joanne said...

well if you think rosie is mad then you'll think I am to, as I like the tie dye affect as well.

Anonymous said...

Lord Fi, What's wrong with your eyes, those shoes are (in my humble, nutty opinion) absolutely incredible.
I think you have done yourself proud, truly.
Cant wait to see the embellished version!

Alchamillamolly said...

Actually - I like the others like them as they are - I like the way the colours merge into each other

Anonymous said...

I think the die afect look good, i do hope it all works out for you
Keep us posted